Mohammed Ibrahim Siddiqui, who was a woman of the army, was married to Major Anjali.

Mohammed Ibrahim Siddiqui, who was a woman of the army, was married to Major Anjali. He was married but after that whatever happened he could not even think Know everything that happened in this true event.

He was lying behind a woman Major of the Indian Army for a long time. He used to make every effort to marry the woman Major in any form, but perhaps the woman major knew everything that many other girls did not know and went away in that endless period of torture from where she got out It is almost impossible to come back .. As a result, the woman’s Majesty had kept a watchful one step.

Be aware that this incident is Raipur in Chhattisgarh region. Here a Muslim youth had spent a long time following the name of Anjali Jain, a woman named Major, but the woman Major, thinking her intentions at the right time, laid the condition of adopting Hindutva cleanly.

For a long time, Mohammed Ibrahim Siddiqui, after being in prostitution, gave the opportunity to become a Hindu by reducing the likelihood of the occasion and the loss of his own profit, and kept his name Mohammed Ibrahim Siddiqui with Aryan Arya and in the Arya Samaj temple. He had adopted Hindu religion by purifying it.

At that time, the woman, Major Anjali married her, but after marriage, she has decided to go with her family, leaving the Hindus made up of Hindus, Aryan aka Mohammed Ibrahim Siddiqui. Aryan Arya had accepted Hindutva in Raipur on February 23, 2018. Even till this matter went to the court, but after the marriage, Anjali appeared before Chief Justice Deepak Mishra, Justice AM Khanvilkar and DC Chandrachud’s bench and said that he was his mother – wants to be with the father.

Given the desire of Anjali, the court granted him permission. In the last hearing, the court had directed Dattatreya’s DSP to present Anjali’s parents to the court. After the decision of the Chhattisgarh court, Aryan Arya had approached the Supreme Court, where once again he had to eat his mouth. 

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