3 invasions, 7 days, 7 murders. Hindu saints on target. Guhaitre, who is facing the worst terrorists

The way the political parties and the so-called intellectuals supported the cowardly by resorting to mobs lining, and the reverse gurabhakar and Hindu society were erected in the dockyard, its worst adverse consequences had to come.

Let us tell you that in the last 7 days, the cow slaughterers have been murdered and those who have been murdered are all Hindu saints, they are the priests of the temple. The killing of Hindu saints starts from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, where on August 12, a priest and priest of a Shiva temple is beaten to death at the time of sleeping. The surprising fact is that months or months after the mob lynching, the leaders or the TV channels who march on the silence are silent on this incident.

Two sadhus are killed after entering the temple, but there is no debate about it, and no march does not come out. If a Gautakkar is killed then the country is intolerant, but when the sadhus are murdered, secularism starts smiling. The panic of the guards did not stop there, but on Wednesday after the killing of three sadhus in a temporal Taliban style in a temple in Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh.

The biggest thing here was that this monk was carrying out intensive campaign against cow slaughter and due to which the guavas were unable to reach the consequences of nefarious moods, and then on Wednesday, all the three sadhus, who were sleeping in the horrible Nath Temple of Bhiwuna in Auraiya Was murdered and his limb was dissolved. Police have arrested 5 people in this case.

And when the names of the murderers’ murderers came out, there was a silence in political corridors. Police have arrested Salman, Nadeem, Shahbaz, Majnu alias Nazim and Gabbar in connection with the murder of the sadhus of Auraiya. The ghosts who were indirectly supported by the so-called intellectual classes of the country and all the politicians were not the only ones to stop here. After the Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh and Auraiya, the Ubmanas made the next target of Karnal of Haryana, Karnal of Haryana.

Earlier, two sadhus were killed in the temple of Aligarh, and after the killing of three sadhus in the temple of Auraiya, on Sunday, 19th August, two monks were murdered in a temple of Karnal in exactly the same way as in Auraiya Had gone Their tongue was slaughtered in Karnal, where the sadhus were killed like Auraiya. Apart from this, three servants of the temple were also targeted, they were beaten and thrown away and left the frenzied leaving the situation of unconsciousness.

The way in which 7 sadhus have been killed within the last 7 days, there is a clear indication of the fact that the jihadis have declared war against Hindu Saints, war against Hindu social reformers, and so far the beef-starved cowards Hindus are becoming thirsty for the blood of saints. 

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