Jain Muni Tarun Sagar, the goddess who has flown the veil through the bitter discourse, became a lava of patriotism and religion.

The famous Jain Muni, who gave a bitter discourse and the nation Saint Tarun Sagar ji Maharaj passed away today. It has been reported that he had jaundice twenty days ago.

After which he was admitted to Max Hospital in Delhi but he refused to take treatment. After which he decided to go to Radhapuri Jain temple Chaturmas. Being told that they were able to follow santhara practice and he refused to take medication. The Jain community of people left food and water under santhara practice, the goal is to destroy life. According to the belief of the Jain sect, ‘salvation’ can be obtained in this way.

Today at around 3.30 pm on Saturday late night, Jain Muni Tarun Sagar Ji Maharaj left his body at the age of 51 and went to Mahaprayaan. After the news of the demise of Jain Muni, the wave of grief has spread across the country and not only is Jain society, but the whole society is mournful to the Jain monkey, and he is giving final farewell in his own way

Certainly Jain Muni was a true nation saint who, through his word fire, made the ice-made blood flowing in the veins as patriotism, social obligation and religion, and created new consciousness among people. Jain Muni Tarun Sagar’s real name is Pawan Kumar was Jain. He was born on 26th, 1967, in village Guhji, District Damoh, Madhya Pradesh. It is said that he left the house in 1981. After that his education was initiated in Chhattisgarh.

Tarun Sagar was famous for his bitter sermons. That is why he was also called a revolutionary saint. The book, Kadwe Sermon on Jain Muni, became famous for a time. He has made a lot of efforts to unite different sections of society. Jain Muni Tarun Sagar was given the status of state guest on 6 February 2002 by the Madhya Pradesh government. Let us know that not only in India but also in many countries Jain-Muni is a devotee. The popularity of Tarun Sagar ji was also outside the Jain community much respect as the Jain Samaj gave to Tarun Sagar Ji, he received the same respect from the Jain community. It is said about Jain Muni that in his words, there was a fire which made the fully enlightened human consciousness forward to the Dharampreet of the revolution. Jain Muni Tarun ji was said to be a stern discourse because he always Jihadis and fanatic ideologies were opposed

Once he was told that the country’s politics is being saffronized, Jain Muni had said that this is not the saffronisation of politics but the purification of politics and this politics will make India a world-master, love jihad and growing About the population, the statements of Taro Sagar Ji Maharaj were very much discussed. On Love Jihad, Tarun Sagar Ji Maharaj had said that Hindu girls are being made as Muslims in the name of false love, it should not only be intensified but also a campaign against it.

He had said that if love jihad was not stopped then India would become the second Pakistan in a few days. The law of two children should be equally applicable to Hindus and Muslims. Legal restrictions should be imposed on more than two children. He said the population of Muslims would not be stopped if an explosive situation would arise in the country. Some Muslims are with heart from Pakistan, they want to split India. Increasing population of Muslims will lead to serious crisis in the country. Hindus will become insecure.

Sudarshan family celebrates the birth anniversary of Rastri Sankar ji Maharaj, who has created a new torch of patriotism and religion consciousness and gives his last farewell, giving tears of tears. Things like Tarun Sagar ji Maharaj will always inspire us. 

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