Know how much rupee had to cost a Bangladeshi to become a permanent Indian

Know how much rupee had to cost a Bangladeshi to become a permanent Indian but still got caught Infection of Bangladeshi intruders continuously spreading … In India, the transition of illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators is continuing to ruin the country.

There are reports of the arrest of Bangladeshi intruders from different parts of the country, but more dangerous than the Bangladeshi infiltrators, they are hidden inside the country, they are traitors who help these infiltrators to come to India, They make fake papers for them so that these intruders transmit intrusion to the countryside, Hindustan is in the fire of jihadist fanaticism.

So far, you will have to hear the cases of fake voter card, ration cards etc., but now the case of Bangladeshi nationals in the form of an Indian passport has been filed in a fake manner. In the interrogation, a Bangladeshi caught on the IGI airport in the national capital, Delhi, has exposed this act of making Indian. He claims that an Indian passport was made with four lakh taka (about 3.38 lakh rupees) and that too was real.

It is surprising that Bangladeshi gangs are active in the formation of an Indian passport for foreigners, whose land is being trafficked to the country sitting inside the country. According to police sources, cases of fake passports are often exposed, but very few cases of legitimate Indian passports have been revealed. Let us tell you that the Bangladeshi broker named Sheikh Sheikh, who was illegally living in Mumbai, had made an Indian passport for the person caught in the IGI, and not only did he arrange to travel to India from Saudi Arabia.

In return, Bangladeshi people had to give four lakh Bangladeshis. The Bangladeshi woman also reached Saudi Arabia from this passport, but when the case was opened she was reported to India. Indian intelligence agencies questioned after landing at IGI, then it was discovered how some Bangladeshi gangs are making illegally valid Indian passports

After the case of making a fake passport, the security agencies have become active and are closely watching the people who are engaged in the work of making a passport in a fake manner. 

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