Kashmir’s most notorious terrorist Aasia was even more dangerous than the Andrabi,

The most wanted Bashiran arrested in Delhi

Kashmir’s most notorious terrorist Aasia was even more dangerous than the Andrabi, the most wanted Bashiran arrested in Delhi 

Know who was this criminal

Although no one might have heard it before, but it was a sad criminal who had done so many crimes which also backtracked Asea Andrabi, who operated a terrorist group named Khaktaran A Milit in Kashmir.

Do not know that a special class of media, which tells the culprit of any crime without any crime, was not taking a name from Bashiran even once. After all, he was arrested. It is to be known that in the cases of hundreds of crimes committed and in 113 cases of crime, Wanted Lady Gangster was finally arrested by Delhi Police after a prolonged attempts on Saturday. The accused was one of five dreaded female criminals in Delhi. The 62-year-old Basiran, who was arrested by the police, was called by the name of his gang ‘Mummy’.

Not only that, his fear was so much that he was capable of carrying out any crime in any area of Delhi. With him there was a whole army of people of his opinion and ideology, who had illegal weapons, which could carry out any crime. Originally Rajasthan, Basirin came to South Delhi 45 years ago and used to sell illegal liquor in slums. He got the benefit of being named Bashiran and the officials who put his hand on him were disturbed by calling him anti-minority.

Initially he started with small crimes and soon became famous in the world of crime. Deputy police commissioner Rumi Baniya told that on the basis of secret information, Basiran was arrested when he came here to meet his family. He was absconding in a matter of last eight months. He was declared a notorious criminal by the court on 25th May and was legally attached to his residential properties.

The police officer said that this lady had some possession of the government borbels in Sangam Vihar and she also used to deal with her two sons in an illegal business of water mafia. One of them was arrested under MCOCA (Maharashtra Organized Crime Control Act 1999). 

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