Swati Maliwal’s welcome voice for the oppressed innocent men, on every side … the voice of many people

These voices were of crores of people who were being tortured in the name of gender discrimination only. This voice was raised from many platforms which has been stressed by the Delhi Women’s Commission President Swati Maliwal

Just a few days ago, Sudarshan News, speaking on the same issue, demanded the men’s commission for those men who were being harassed in any case inadvertently. The same matter was raised by a senior MP from the Bharatiya Janata Party in the Lok Sabha. Now this voice arising from Swati Maliwal is getting the support of millions of people and this is being appreciated for the voice.

It is known that there are cases of rape in India that appear to be false after all the investigations or judicial process. But entangled in this process, how many men lose personal, social and professional life. .. Since all these cases are sensitive to the highest level which are directly connected to the prestige of women directly, due to which the movement in the society is also fast And so many innocent people have to suffer the punishment.

Once again, this fact was proved by the Faridabad Rape Case of 2001. In which the Supreme Court has released two brothers who are serving the sentence in this case. Now on this whole issue, the Delhi Women’s Commission President Swati Maliwal has expressed strong opposition. He has said in a tweet that due to a false rape case, two brothers had to be punished for 7 years. Swati Maliwal has said that he got relief from the highest court, but who will complete the torture and pain she has passed in the past

Swati Maliwal has demanded strict action against all the women and girls who register false rape cases. In the same case, the girl who has filed a false case has demanded a 10-year sentence. 

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