Rohingyas are living in Devbhumi Himachal .. A huge number of information in Shimla

Sometimes the place like London, Paris, Berlin was counted among the most beautiful places of the world, and the place was gradually settled by showing kindness and compassion to Syria and Iraq. The result of this kindness was that only within a year In every place, the identity of terrorism, ragging and murder was becoming a reality. In almost all the terrorist incidents in France and the United Kingdom, Allah Almighty, the slogan of Allah Akbar and the refuge of Iraq and Syria They were found who were shown mercy by those countries. 
More recently, Germany has extradited a rapist refugee from Iraq to punish them according to the rule of law. Now more and more are happening in India’s many places and famous cities. Now after getting Rohingya caught with self passport and Aadhaar card, it has got a surprise nowhere in Shimla, the most visited place of Himachal Pradesh, called Devivali, where the Indian people Party is ruled and Shimla is its capital 
According to the information coming from the media report, Rohingyas are being kept in Himachal Pradesh’s capital Shimla, which is completely unaware of the police administration ie its information was not given to the administration and they were sent to Shimla, knowing that even though Only the Rohingya, who ran away from the Buddhists in battle, refused to accept the Government of India as a refugee, but he started to step out of the country. In time given that the plan to create very difficult for India … 
They are being hired in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh’s capital. Rohingyas reached Shimla, but police administration was oblivious. The matter is being investigated after highlighting the case, but the question is, the Rohingya who is considered to be a threat to the internal security of the country, how they reached Shimla. 
Shimla Municipal Corporation has outsourced the cleanliness system in five wards. Under this contract has been given to the NK Construction Company.The company came from Jammu to bring Rohingya to Shimla for garbage collection. These people will go to Shimla from home and take garbage. Before the cleaning work started in Shimla, 12 Rohingya who arrived in the city have found a temporary place to stay. Now these people have gone to Jammu to take the family. A large number of Bangladeshi people are also living in Shimla. These people work as woodwork in under construction buildings. 

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