Right now, in the Auraiya judgment of UP, now the corpse of 2 saints found in Karnal of Haryana .

Right now, in the Auraiya judgment of UP, now the corpse of 2 saints found in Karnal of Haryana .. They have also been cut tongue. What started all those who threatened Mamata Banerjee?

What started the massacre f the saffron holders?

The same exact and exact same people Hindu saint who performs in the temple is also the target of making a target and making the service was also exactly what happened in Auraiya. And so much the same number …

Yes, after Uttar Pradesh’s Auraiya, now it has been replaced by the number of Karnal of Haryana in which his tongue has been cut off by cruelty to two sadhus serving God in the temple. Be aware that one of the guards in the temple of the Hindus is being assaulted by the people who are being guarded by a taxpayer, which is clearly seen somewhere that it is like the declaration of a war, those monks who are aiming towards those sadhus Those who are wearing saffron are serving goddesses.

Now, in the Karnal, on the Haryana-UP border, near Mangalore Yamuna Bridge, two bodies were found in the Bhai-sister temple and three Sadhvi were absent in ungodly condition. On receiving the information, the DSP and all the police officers, including SP, reached Moka and sent the bodies to post-mortem and sent the injured to the hospital for treatment. There is an atmosphere of decath in the area with the death of the temple priests and the beating of the volunteers.

This is the question on everyone’s tongue that after killing the priests of the temple and speaking the words of the ministers. The police arrived on the spot as soon as the information was received early on Sunday. The police were stunned after seeing the condition of the temple. Mahant’s corpse was lying in the temple and the blood was bleeding all around. At one stage, there was a corpse of Mahant who was soaked with blood, on the other side there was another corpse lying in the wall which was tied,

In addition to this, three service providers were also found who had been beaten to death, and if someone got tied, someone’s tongue was cut, whose condition was very fragile, the police were surprised to see this whole thing. 

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