To say that, Bakreid was yesterday and those who believe in Islam forbade loud noise

To say that, Bakreid was yesterday and those who believe in Islam forbade loud noise. But there was a different look of Bakrid in Kashmir. The goat was sacrificed on Id all over the country, while the human beings were killed in Kashmir.

Yes, yesterday, on the day of Bakrid, where 3 policemen were brutally murdered in Kashmir, 1 BJP worker was also killed. The state police said that the militants fired on the Constable Mohammed Yakub in the afternoon in Loswani village of Pulwama district. A police officer said, “The injured policeman was admitted to the hospital, where he died.”

Mohammad Yakub Shah of Loswani village of Kashmir also came home on a holiday to celebrate the Eid but the terrorists also shot him. However, when people heard the bullet, they reached the spot. The terrorists fled after seeing the crowd, then Mohammed Yakub’s concussion was going on. He was taken to the hospital but Mohammed Yakub Shah died on the way.

The police have said that behind the killing of Yakub, the terrorists of Hizbul also have the hand. Apart from this, another incident took place in Kulgam in South Kashmir. In the house of Constable Fayaz Ahmed Shah of Jammu Kashmir Police, there was a death of Eid in the place of pleasure, because the body of Faiyaz Ahmed, who came out of the house to read Eid prayers, returned to the house.

Faiyaz Ahmad was doing recruitment training course at Talwada, took leave on the occasion of Eid and came to his house in Porporora and was celebrating Eid with his family. The prayers of Namaz went to the nearby mosque. At the time when they were returning from the mosque, the terrorists surrounded him and killed him. It is learned that when the attack on the 34-year-old Faiyaz, he was unarmed.

The family became frustrated by hearing the news of their death, they were in a bad condition by crying. Fayyaz’s house has his mother, wife and two younger daughters, one daughter is five years old and two years old. Jammu Kashmir Police also gave the last farewell to Faiyaj with full respect today. After giving the last salute to Faiyaz, he was laid off

Jammu Kashmir Police said that the killers of Hizbul Mujahideen were behind the killing of Faiyaz. Earlier on Wednesday, the terrorists had killed another policeman in Jagripora village of Shopian district earlier. 

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