Farooq Abdullah leader of patriotism in Parliament told terrorists, martyrs … silenced all the contractors of secularism

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and National Conference President Farooq Abdullah was teaching patriotism in the Parliament House of Parliament during the non-confidence motion.

Farooq Abdullah was screaming and saying that Muslims are targeted in the country, they are suspected but they have forgotten that if the country targets the Muslims, then the former President himself, known as Missile Man. Dr. Abdul Kalam does not make his ideal. A leader of his own party, who has described the terrorists killed in Kashmir as a martyr, has shown a mirror to patriot who teaches patriotism from Lok Sabha Bhawan.

Bashir Ahmad Veiri, the leader of Farooq Abdullah’s party National Conference, called the terrorists a martyr. On the question related to the killing of terrorists in the conversation with news agency ANI, Bashir Ahmad Veree said that they are losing their lives for the sake of Kashmir. Anyone who loses life for the sake of Kashmir will be called a martyr. Bashir Ahmad Veree said, “All the people who bleed for the Kashmir issue are all martyrs. They are all martyrs.

He asked the question, “What is the reason why the young people of the valley are presenting their blood of hot blood.” Something will be the reason behind this. ‘ Bashir, the president of the South Kashmir Zone of the National Conference, said, “If so many people are dying here, are they fighting for their own house. There is no issue for which people give light to their hot blood. All the people who have come to fight for the Kashmir issue are all martyrs. ‘

Senior leader Bashir said, “We are already talking to you. When the democratically elected prime minister was arrested in 1953 All the people who have died since then, they are all martyrs. These five people who have died are also martyrs. All are martyrs. ‘ The surprising fact is that the leader of a party speaks the martyrs killed, but no politician can criticize him. Perhaps this is the secularism of India for which our politicians fight and the terrorists are called martyrs. 

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