In Kashmir, the Chhattisgarh’s CRPF guns and the silence for the last 5 lakhs of fate, the Naxalite 3 other Naxalites were also killed

Sunday’s came as a time for enemies of the country. On one hand, where the Indian Army’s guns in Jammu and Kashmir killed Ghulaji and 3 Islamic militants by killing them, and in Chhattisgarh, the CRPF and Chhattisgarh police killed four Maoists, including a Naxalite and destroyed the Maoists. Turned into dead bodies

According to the news, these four uniformed Naxalites were killed, including a reward of five lakh Naxal commanders in the encounter on the Guiyeebeda hill in Maad area of Chhattisgarh’s Narayanpur district. Security forces claim that two more Maoists have been shot but Naxalites managed to escape with them in the jungle. SP Jeetendra Shukla told that the police had received intelligence input of the presence of 20-25 Naxalite fighters of the Nellanar area committee on Sunday morning. A team of Distric Reserve Guard sent the information

Security forces and Maoists were brought face-to-face in about 2:30 in the morning. Firing continued for two hours from both sides. After this the Naxalites were standing. The bodies of four Naxalites, including a woman, were recovered from the spot. Two have been identified in this. Five lakh prizes in the killed Maoists and Rattyam, commander of local area group and second area committee member Somudu Ram. An INSAS rifle, a three knot three rifle and two 12-bore rifles have been recovered from the encounter site.

SP claimed that two more Naxalites were seriously injured due to the bullet but Naxalites managed to take them with them. On the night of 26 August from the highly susceptible Bande region of Kanker district, the Maoists had kidnapped three villagers in connection with the police mukhabiri. One of which escaped from their clutches. On Saturday night, the Maoists killed both villagers Sonu Padda and Somaji Padda.

On Sunday, the bodies of both of them were found near village Tadura, one kilometer away from Gatta police station in Maharashtra. Naxalite form has also been found with the body in which the threat has been made but security forces have cleared that any situation is ready to deal with and if anybody fires Naxalite firing, then the bullet will also be played on it. 

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