Kaiser and Nasir rape the innocent of 9 till they died

Kaiser and Nasir rape the innocent of 9 till they died.Incident of India where the candle gang is silent In this case, many big names are silenced so far. Once again, the valley of Kashmir is shocked by an innocent shriek. There is a more horrific case than the Kathua, in front where not only an innocent ruthlessly rape has been done but it has also been put to death.

In the Kathua case, the hyperactive whole team has suddenly become silent on this issue and the children of the child are wandering in the rate of getting justice. Kashmir is once again revived. It is known that this time the matter is from Baramulla district of Kashmir, where an event that shames shame also has shaken the whole country. This time, five miscreants have been arrested in the Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir for a nine-year-old innocent girl, till she was brutally tortured till her death.

In this case a woman is also involved in the hatred towards that innocent person and she made such a horrible story of the death of that girl. On September 2, the body of the missing girl was recovered from a house one kilometer away in the rugged state. The child’s stepmother has also been arrested in this horrendous crime arising from Ishya. According to the statement of the police spokesman in this disastrous case, a woman and four youths have been arrested in connection with gangrape and murder of the girl.

The body of the girl was recovered from the forest two days ago in Uri Tehsil.

Regarding the crime, she said that the girl’s father had lodged a complaint of her daughter’s disappearance and she feared that her daughter was abducted. During the investigation, the police found that the girl’s father has two wives and the daughter is the daughter of the woman of Jharkhand.

Police officials said that the investigation revealed that Fahmida had long hated her husband’s non-Kashmiri aroma and her daughter for a long time because she felt that her husband loved her more than his second wife.

Fahmida planned to kill his step-daughter after coming to God He said, “He took him to the forest and committed crime with four others, including his 14-year-old son, his friend Kaiser Ahmed (19), Nasir Ahmed (28) and another 14-year-old boy.

In this case, so far silenced people carrying candle march have been observed in honor of the alleged contractor and daughter of humanity. 

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