Another process going on in Kashmir with the execution of terrorists …

In Jammu Kashmir, the Indian army is killing the terrorists, crushing the terrorists. The evidence of how the Indian army is aggressive against the terrorists was recently seen when the terrorists carried the jehanum within 48 hours of the formation of terrorists. But let us tell you that there is another process in place with the destruction of terrorists in Kashmir, which can prove to be the backbone of terrorists and traitors.

We are talking about Section 35A applicable in the State of Jammu and Kashmir on which the BJP has said that this section is not benefiting Kashmir but loss is happening, so it is necessary to remove these sections. The BJP’s Jammu and Kashmir unit said on Saturday that the party is ready to discuss Article 35A of the Constitution, under which permanent residents of the state have special status. BJP said that Article 35A is obstructing the development of the State as it has not made external investment.

The party said that the continuation of Article 35A will not be of any benefit. It is worth noting that the petitions challenging this provision are going to be heard in the Supreme Court on August 6 and there are protests in the state against it. The Supreme Court will hear several petitions in which a petition has been filed by the RSS-affiliated NGO ‘We the Citizens’ and sought to end the paragraph.

State BJP chief spokesman Sunil Sethi said, “BJP is ready to discuss any matter with any person or any political party whether Article 35A is in the interest of the people of the state or not. We open invitations. ‘ He said that the political environment of the state has been hot due to Article 35A and some political parties, especially active parties in Kashmir, have adopted the ‘anti-people and anti-people’ approach on this issue.

Targeting the National Conference and Congress, Sethi said that the people of the state are being misled on Article 35A. Sethi said, “The state will not be of any benefit to the continuation of Article 35A. In the last 70 years, the central government has given lakhs of rupees to the state but the development was not as much as it should have been. ‘ He said that Article 35A obstruct the development of the State as it has not made external investment. Let us know that when the Supreme Court will hear the matter on Section 35A tomorrow, then the entire country will look at the court. 

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