Teresa’s body came out of the black truth which was aimed at “Mother” ‘s motherhood.

Teresa’s body came out of the black truth which was aimed at “Mother” ‘s motherhood. The nation is now watching the black truth that was hidden in the screen.
These people were called sisters, that means they were selling their brothers by becoming sister but also becoming sister, the game of conversion was seen by the Tammam people of the world when the villages of the village had been converted into Christianity, but now those who have come forward It is also frightening .. There were those targets which were trapped in their clutches and they used to give place in their mind or house, and after some days their children had become poorly disappeared. This institution was founded by Mother Teresa in 1950, 
It should be known that in the name of the so called secularism, even after the previous regime these pressurized people have been pressurized, but after the change of power, suddenly, those who do illegal activities in Jharkhand have been restrained. In the general public, Chief Minister Raghubar Das is getting compliments about this. It is known that due to the same strictness, the Jharkhand police on Thursday accused the Missionaries of Charity two children for smuggling of children. 
It is said that the child was sold to a couple of Rs 1.2 lakh in Uttar Pradesh. The money was taken from him as a hospital fee. These two accused are accused of selling four children. According to the police, these children working in the orphanage located in Ranchi of ‘Missionaries of Charity’ are connected to interstate child smugglers 
According to reports coming from the media sources, Upanishad Superintendent of Ranchi Shyamand Mandal told the news agency ANI, ‘Both the Nunis had information that they had sold three children Jharkhand and one in Uttar Pradesh. Further investigation is going on in this matter. ‘ According to another news, another woman has also been arrested in this case. In this regard, the child welfare committee has also filed the case on the basis of the FIR lodged by Ranchi. Inquiries are still pending for women. 
In this regard, the current chief of the Missionaries of Charity, Prema, says that he has been shocked by this news. There will be complete care that no such incidents occur again. It is worth mentioning that Sister Prem is the third head of ‘Missionaries of Charity’. The posthumous saint has been given posthumously. 

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