“Your Abba is in the BJP, how do you get admissiom in the school?” Run away from here … the name of the school is – “Halima”

“Your Abba is in the BJP, how do you get admissiom in the school?” Run away from here … the name of the school is – “Halima” 
What was wrong was that innocent. Just like innocent girls are being targeted, just like children are being given to someone .. Physical torture is being given to somebody. Psychological trauma to anyone. The innocent who did not want to take his name properly, he was taught that before you Muslim and your ABBA Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson ,you cannot take admission here.
Think about what has been going on in that innocent. Recently, the horror of Afzal Guru’s child had become the mark sheet of terrorist Afzal Guru’s headline, but the pain of this inn is not shown anywhere. It is known that this is the matter of Jharkhand state Of Dhanbad A Muslim school in Dhanbad has refused to teach the child of a leader of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). 
School management is refusing to teach the BJP as a Muslim anti-party party to teach the Muslim leader’s child. Parents have demanded action against the District Education Superintendent on the decision of the tax school management. Syed Mahtab Alam, a resident of Pandarpala, has made serious allegations about the management of Mother Halima Public School located in Azad Nagar. Mahtab says that he had enrolled his child in nursery class in the said school. 
Since enrollment, he was going to school regularly, but when the school management realized that it was the leader of the BJP, the school management is now refusing to teach the child. Mahtab Alam has asked the District Education Superintendent to take action against school management. On the other hand, the school’s Principal, Nazneen Khan, dismissing the allegations, said that there is no such thing. 
His child’s enrollment session was done in 2017-18. Nomination has been asked for nominations in the year 2018-19, but they have not enrolled. The District Superintendent of Police has said that the whole matter is being investigated after the investigation. 

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