The lawsuit filed against Prakash Raj, proving himself more against the villain Hindus than the film villain Learn what the case is registered in this case.

If you only know villain in film life, then you have to think once again and you have to know about them better because their statements have been coming only against the Hindu and Hindutva only for some time now.

How to play the joke of Hindus, they know better. These things have not been spoken in any film dialects but in real life. The fame of fame, when not completed with the film, he had chosen a very shortcut path and took aim at Hindutva. He joined the same team of Bollywood, in which many people already got boiled when it comes to Hindu and Hindutva.

They were involved in the same team who made tremendous attack in the Kathua case but avoided speaking a single word on the rape in Ghaziabad’s madrasa. The prosecutor Kiran N., who has filed a lawsuit against him, says that Rajapakra Raj had made jokes about cow and cow urine somewhere else, he was about to hurt Hindus.

In his complaint, the lawyer has said that in one program, Raj compared cow and cow urine to washing agents. This was done deliberately and its purpose was to hurt the Hindus.

Now the problems started for those villains. It is known that a case has been registered against the film Vilen Prakash Raj for hurting religious religious sentiments of Hindus. An advocate from Bangalore has lodged criminal cases against Raj. It has been said in the complaint that the comments of Prakash Raj’s cow and cow urine have affected the sentiments of those who believe in Hindu religion. A complaint has been lodged against Prakash Raj in a local court in Bangalore.

The complainant, Kiran N., says that on May 8, he had lodged a complaint with Hanumantanagar police station but the FIR was not registered, after which he came to the court for lodging the case. 

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