Is land jihad included “Salman Khan”? If not then what is the notice for?

Many of these people were proving the symbol of compassion and compassion for compassion. They first shot the animals and then climb the car on humans. The plight of Aishwarya Rai by her shows the world her real woman love.
Everyone knows how deeply their relationship is with their underworld. Yet they were glorified and they were made and they were shown that they were not in any situation. In the meantime, there was a complaint of an old couple against them .. They told that they are endlessly torturing Salman, but there is a lot of reach and money is with Salman Khan. 
To impress anybody, the so-called supporters of the country who are not guarding soldiers in the name of heroes in the country, but the soldiers of the police protecting the society, but people like Salman, Aamir and Shahrukh etc in the name of hero Know that .. a rare species of deer was killed and when they came to exemption, they saw the environment in the country for them all when they were welcomed like they were for this country. War are coming to fight. 
At present, the family, called them and their leader, have got the notice of the forest department after which the question arises that whether these families are included in the land jihad? Land Jihad means forcibly occupy another land and force it to flee. Land Jihad is what is the Islamic country in Kargil, 
Land Jihad is the same that led to the escape of Hindus in Kairana, to which their homes can be captured. Land Jihad is the same which happened in Kashmir, where the goats of hardliners are being built in the cells of the Hindus. Land Jihad is the same which has been acquired by many illegal Bangladeshi land on railway lines, etc., to the land of the railway lines etc. It is now the case with Salman. 
It should be known that the Forest Department of Shivsena and Bhartiya Janata Party ruled Maharashtra sent a notice to the family of the so-called star Salman Khan. Allegations have been allegedly made in the farmhouse located in Panvel. Let the family of Salman Khan have a proprietary rights in Arpita form situated in Vajapur. In the year 2003, it was declared sensitive. In this connection, the notice was issued by the Forest Officer of Vajapur on June 9, 2018. 
According to this notice, there is news of building 11 in the related place in Panvel. There are allegations that there are two constructions which are before 2003. But the rest of the construction has been done later. In the same case, ‘Show cause notice’ has been sent. By issuing notification in 2003, construction of new buildings was banned in this zone. Despite the ban, Salman could make the family difficult to build. These notices were sent on June 9, 2018. Within a week, the Salman family has to answer these notices, 
According to the notice sent to Marathi, it has been said that according to the notice issued on November 21, 2017, an offense of violation of the Forest Act has been registered against cement / concrete construction in your arpita forms. After checking the document on behalf of this office, it seems that you keep doing such illegal construction repeatedly. These crimes have been done on Arpita Farms. 

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