The Congress which did the Mandsaur rape victim now, has gripped her with humanity

At this time, the whole nation is sad and angry with Mussum in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, 7 years old. The whole country is demanding hanging of the pirates who stare at the child with a child
And in severe circumstances, the Admit-suffering hospital in the hospital is praying for early health benefits, but in the meantime, what has been done by the Congress party in Mandsaur’s gangrape has never been done till today, and this shameful act of Congress Party The whole nation is indignant and the Congress is being criticized
Let me tell you that Congress leaders of Shajapur district gathered together to face the murder of the local BJP leaders, to demoralize the leaders of the local BJP leaders and to give death sentence to the accused in the Mandsaur gangrape, Did it raise humanity to groan Congress leaders made the photo of seven years of innocent victims public by fighting life and death in the hospital.
Let me tell you that the Supreme Court has prohibited publicizing the identity of women and their families of victims of sexual violence. Those who do this can be arrested. The case of contempt of the Supreme Court can be played against them. They can be sent to jail. In protest against the heinous rap in Mandsaur, Shujalpur Youth Congress took out candle march and protested.
In the candle march, slogans were raised against BJP and Shivraj. Youth Congress leaders put a photo of the victim on the intersection and burned the candle in front of him. Not only this, politicians have also made the photo viral on social media. The Collector Nishant Varwad directed the FIR against the police under the IT Act, expressing strong objection to this. Under the IT Act, there is a provision of punishment upto 7 years.
The Congress, which has been totally denied by the people of the country, has been so disturbed that she is not able to do politics even on heinous crimes such as rape. Whereas innocent victims are fighting a war between life and death in the hospital but the Congress party here is doing politics on the brutality with the girl. 
Even knowing that not only the rape victim but also the identity of his family can not be made public, even then the Congress party leaders put the photograph of the victim not only on the crossroads but also viral on social media which is a crime is. Now the administration should take action against the Congress leaders who make the photo of the girl child public.
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