“Do not teach me about Hindu-Muslim … I’m a modern girl”

Then there was a rapist Now the detection of the police station. It is not wrong to be modern .. At the time of today I should be a modern person, but in this race of modernity when one forgets the difference between right and wrong, forgets the sacraments, this is what happens to this young girl of Jalandhar of Punjab Happened with In the race of modernity, the young woman became so blind that she was looted .

When someone explained to him, his answer was that he does not believe in Hindu Muslims because he is a modern. There was no problem till he was Modern, he believed not to Hindu Muslims, but there was no problem even then, but you can not understand the finer difference between right and wrong between all of them … then the problem would have arisen.

According to the news, the youth of Jalandhar, Punjab, had the advantage of the modernist thinking of a jihadist thinking and raped her. Explain that this young woman was very active on Facebook and by taking advantage of this, a youth from Uttar Pradesh, who was herself a Muslim, got trapped in her love trap. After this the victim called the young man at a hotel and mixed some addictive substance in the cold drink and gave it yellow and later, together with three or four friends, gang-raped him.

The girl got out of her clutches in some way and at noon, at the three light squares of Rampur in Uttar Pradesh, sitting on a ditch of tea, when the young lady was crying, a crowd of people gathered there. When people asked him the reason for crying like this, he told the people present in the story and said that he is a resident of Punjab’s Jalandhar district and his husband is being sued for divorce and during this time on Facebook a few years ago Friendship request came in the name of a Hindu youth,

Which he started to embrace, and started chattering with that young man. According to the girl, one day the young man called her at a hotel in Rampur in Uttar Pradesh by offering her love and mixed some addictive substance in the cold drink and gave her a drink, after which she became unconscious and after the unconscious the youth They organized my gang-rape gang-rape, and they did my video too.

The young woman told that when I sensed, the youth forced her to take her video into social media and forced her to adopt Muslim religion. After listening to the whole story of the girl, the people took the girl and took her to the local police station, after which the police, along with the people, arrested the accused youth in the hotel and arrested him and brought him to the police station. Police say that the accused The youth is a resident of Bhansodi of Rampur. The police has registered the case and investigation is underway. 

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