The statement of the BJP legislator, echoed in the ears of the suspected cow smuggler massacre … told how the dead rakabar

In the recent past, Alwar, BJP legislator Banwari Lal Singhal from Alwar city, has made a statement about the death of suspected Gautr Rakbar Khan in Alwar, which has once again been politically motivated. Legislator Singhal says that nobody was killed by the blood, but he commited suicide having poison

MLA Banwari Lal Singhal said that Rakabar was a go-goer and when he was caught, he feared to open his own pole. Because of which he ate poison. The BJP MLA further said that there is no evidence to beat the police in the racket so there is no allegation of torture and negligence on the police. The racket was completely brought to the police station in Hosho-Hav, where his condition worsened. The police should wait and wait for any kind of investigation and action before the Visra report.

BJP legislator Singhal from Alwar city said that he believes that those who are involved in such crimes do not get busted, so they end up themselves. It seems completely that the rabbit has eaten poison because the foam was coming out from his mouth. The MLA said that after drinking milk, milk will be milk and water will be water.

While confronting the action taken by the Rajasthan government in this case, Singhal said that before the investigation, the police were punished in a hurry and three go -ons were jailed. The District Magistrate Lal Singhal said that the cow protector He has been arrested, meeting his family, he will be given all possible help.

While lobbying the police, MLA Singhal said that the police never beat them publicly. Therefore no action should be taken against the policemen. These people (policemen) put their lives in jeopardy with cow smuggler, so the police should not be targeted but should praise the police who protect us by playing on their own lives. 

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