After the attack on the Rajasthan Kanvadis … boiling the entire August in Malpura, the announcement of shutting down the Internet

After the attack on the Rajasthan Kanvadis … boiling the entire August in Malpura, the announcement of shutting down the Internet, the severity of the situation

The oppressive society is not able to attack the Shiva worshipers

It was the challenge to not only the religion but also the power. It was the shadow of his admiration, the saffron cloak, which was being used as a cowardly after attacking him, and injuring him, now it is now somewhere to hurt the peace and unity of the society. Because the tolerant society has broken its silence and the invaders have started giving them an answer. Answer: After the viral of the video, everyone has seen that when they Hardline religious attackers surrounded a group only in the crime of speaking Mahadev’s hail.

They waited for a long time when the journey was to come in the area where they had lost a lot of numbers. Understanding the situation of the situation, after the attack on Malpura Rajasthan’s Kannwad tour, the internet facility has been closed till August 31. In this entire case the police has arrested more than 50 protesters in the last four days for the sake of peace breach, but the resentment has not been fully pressed even after these efforts.

Curfew has been imposed in the area for not being conditional and serious. Given the tension spread in the atmosphere, the police has allowed the common people to buy only their essential items, which has not caused any untoward incident in the meantime. According to the information, the curfew was relaxed by the administration from 10 am to 4 pm on Monday. People are having problems because of the closure of internet services. Almost all online work stops here

ADM Kailash Chand Sharma told that the internet service in the town will be closed till August 31 and after that the decision will not be made to start the Internet or not. The markets were crowded during the curfew relaxed. People bought food and drinks including milk. Earlier on Sunday, the curfew had been given a relaxation of up to two hours because of the defense. A heavy police force was deployed due to the fear of violence during the downing. 

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