In Rajasthan, after the assault on the cavities again, the deadly attack, more than 50 injured.

In Rajasthan, after the assault on the cavities again, the deadly attack, more than 50 injured. Sudarshan News had already told the news of defaming the conspiracy conspiracy

Sudarshan News had only raised the theme of Kanvadeo.

Just recently, when the emphasis was placed on the adi peak in a section of the media to defame the cavalry, it was expected that somewhere some big conspiracy is being followed and finally all those possibilities It was proved right when the attack on a single penny passengers began to take place.

Just and just Sudarshan News had raised this issue prominently in his special show Bindas Bol and told him a deep conspiracy to defame the Shikbhak Kawad passengers. Now, on one of these claims of Sudarshan News, one tax is stamped and there is a sudden strike on Shiva devotees.

The first attack in all these attacks took place in the Sikar district of Rajasthan, in which the bhajan was being targeted for Mahadev was attacked and suddenly it was said to be attacked, but this time the cave passengers have been targeted, in Tonk district of Rajasthan itself. In Malpura Once again, religious fanatics raised their heads and showed a reversal that led to Mahadev’s ji being worshiped on Shivbaksho, a terrible assault.

This assault has been done by ambushing in the precision of Amarnath Yatra, in which simultaneously crowd gathering is proving that its preparation has already been done very long. The attack took place in the caves of the holy water, which was furious. This incident is about 100 kilometers away from Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur, where a Muslim-dominated colony resides. Here the security arrangements of the police also collapsed

It is worth noting that in Malpura, about 90 km from Rajasthan’s capital, Jaipur, a large group of blacksmiths has been attacked, in which more than 50 people have been badly injured. Some people from a particular community met on the truck stand at Malpura and beat them with stones and sticks of the Kavandis. At the same time, people attacked the two buses, after which many people suffered head injuries. About 10 people seriously injured have been admitted to Government Hospital at Malpura.

Meanwhile, people have even handed a scorpio car to the fire. This incident happened around 4 o’clock in Malpura tehsil of Tonk district. After this incident the atmosphere of the entire area has deteriorated and heavy police forces have been deployed in Malpura and converted to the camp. After this incident, SP Yogesh Dadhich has reached the spot and is engaged in trying to calm the heavy police force deployed with RAC. Kandwara tour was going towards Jaipur via Todara Singh road in Malpura, when some people got attacked.

Locals of Jaipur say that people of a particular community had already planned to attack the Kanvadis. People of a particular community are demanding action against the accused immediately. On the spot SP Yogesh Dadhi has reached and taking information of the incident. He has assured to take action against the culprits. According to them the circumstances are stressful, but are in control.

At the moment, the atmosphere is that after the attack on the Kanwadis, about 2,000 people of a particular community have gathered on the truck stand. See that special talk of Sudarshan News, which had already been cautious against the deep conspiracy being hatched against the cavalry. In it you will find that all the evidence points to the pre-planned conspiracy 

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