More money was needed than the lives of the soldiers of India … Knowing this crime that will happen with the personnel of the IAF, the blood will rise

Rahul Gandhi Rafel, national president of Congress Party, is an attacker on the Modi government over the deal, but in the meantime there has been a disclosure of news that Rahul Gandhi himself could also sleep.

Large rigging has also been exposed in the purchase of tire-tubes of MiG fighter aircraft of Indian Air Force. According to the report of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India, the repair of MI-17 IV helicopters of Air Force is spent three times more. It has been said in the report that this rigging had been going on for last 9 years, which has now been disclosed. According to the report, 2010, this exercise was started during the Manmohan Singh government

According to the CAG report, keeping the rules in mind, the tire-tubes of MiG fighter jets were being done with a company in Poland. In the last nine years, 3,080 bad tires and tubes worth Rs 6,000 crore were purchased, which have not been used so far. Because of these poor tire-tubes, 32 tires and tires of MiG fighter jumped in the past seven years. Investigation revealed that 84 per cent of these tire-tubes were already poor.

That means the money was given too much and tires were also poorly purchased. It is known that firing tires and tubes of fighter planes is not common. This can be a big accident and the life of the young jawans of the country can be in danger. Should it be considered that our governments have no care about the lives of the soldiers. Explain that a tire tube can be 25-30 times the landing of the planes. After this they become useless A tire tube costs around 20 thousand rupees.

In its report, the CAG has said that if the facility of repair of Mi-17 IV helicopters was established in time in the country, then so much money was not wasted. This work can be done only in 196 million rupees. Apart from this, it has also been stated in the report that the Air Force has delayed the tender and other procedures for purchase of aircraft equipment, due to which the helicopters have to be repaired abroad. This led to an additional expenditure of 600 crore rupees.

According to the report, 85 percent of the helicopter repair work could have been done at the repair center in the country, whereas only 15 percent of the work was to be constructed at a cost of Rs 196 crore, but it did not happen. Rupees were also spent too much and were not cared about the lives of soldiers by buying bad tires. According to the CAG report, there is a company to make tire-tubes in the country, but still they have been vandalized from abroad. According to the report, the initiative to take the Tire Tube from MRF Company was done in 2010.

For this, the MRF had also asked for a sample, but no response was received for 11 months. It was later said that the life of MiG fighter aircraft is ending, there is no need to create a tire tube as there is already a proper amount of tire-tube in the stock. But only after a few months the order to buy 11,425 tire-tube was given to the Poland company. This series has been running since 2010 but the disclosure has happened now. 

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