September 1 – Krishi Kumar Yadav, the warrior who sacrificed the intruders from Kargil only today

The eternal sacrifice of India fought for the last breath and the last bullet Regularly bowing down to India’s heroic sacrifice. Just 19 years ago, the Indian Army had expelled Pakistani infiltrators of jehadi and religious ideology from Kargil in Kargil, which was celebrated every year as a Victory Day.

In this mission called Operation Vijay, hundreds of heroic heroes of India lost their lives while protecting the border. Today, the country’s warrior soldiers defeated Pakistan and hoisted the tricolor on Kargil. In this war, about 527 young warriors received and 1363 injured in the war! This war was fought in the most inaccessible area of the world in which the enemy was above and the protector was worst minded.

One of the most known unknown sacrifices, Krishna Kumar Yadav, the heroic warrior who received immortality on the very day today These warriors were living in Bhirbhumi in Jhunjhunun district of Rajasthan. Even today, the name of the village being named as Satadiya (Singhana) is still named after them, where even today the name of Krishna Kumar Yadav is the name of the soldier on child’s tongue.

In today’s day, i.e., on September 1, 1999, in the face of a war against Pakistani infiltrators, forever immortalized India land. This Veer Balidani was born on December 1, 1974, who was eager to visit any army in the spirit of patriotism

He had started and started to make many preparations to go to the army to frustrate him. After all his efforts, he finally succeeded on 12th August 1993 and Krishna Kumar Yadav was admitted to the glorious army of India. In the army, he became a member of the 13 Kumao Regiment who has been sacrificing for the country even before Kargil.

Eventually, Ragangala of Kargil, in the sub-sector Hanib, deployed the forces of deployment from the land of India, and this warrior always received Veergati for eternity. The brave warrior who fought against the enemy till his last breath and the ultimate bullet became a source of inspiration. In the family of Balidani, Krishna Kumar’s father Prabhayyal and Mata Chawla Devi perform the work of Krishi Bari in the village and their kalyani Wife Veerangana Santra Devi is living in Jaipur.

This brave warrior has two sons who are doing his studies but the mind of both is to become a military officer and fulfill his father’s incomplete tasks. Today, the Shakti Puja of that valor continues to bow down to Lord Krishna Yadav on his sacrifice day, and he always vows to keep his glory forever immortal. 

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