Supply of beef from the western UP from Bulandshahr was done. The cow slaughters were going to supply the beef to the police

Even after the Gokshi in Bulandshahar, Gotaskar has not been able to take action against his opponents and is continuously carrying out the Cow smuggling . It has been learned that Gau protector used to supply beef from Bulandshahr in whole western UP. On the night of Wudhawar, the police raided car smugglers with car rider on the muddy route. A Gotaskar was arrested by the police while two escaped. In the search, the car has recovered the goat from the luxury car. One of the absconding smugglers lives in Anupshahr of Bulandshahar.

According to the news received, SI Sanjeev Kumar and Zahid Hussain started the vehicle checking near Moti Nagar on the closed path on the information of informant under the leadership of Inspector Kotwali Dharampal Singh. Meanwhile, the car appeared on the side of Bulandshahr. When the team tried to stop the car, the youngsters sitting in it sat on the team. During the counter-firing, two youths escaped with the advantage of the spot, while the police arrested Lalpur Kaneta Road police station Hasanpur district Amroha, resident of Amir Son Mustafa.

Police recovered cattle cutting equipment, two knives, about 3.5 gun gole meat, cattle hides and remains, one tamanche 315 bore and one alive and one khota cartridge. SP Yamuna Prasad told that a Gosal has been caught but has escaped there, efforts are being made to search them. The case has been registered against them by the police on the basis of murderous assault, amrs act and animal cruelty act and criminal law amending act. These people were harvesting cattle by cutting cattle from Bulandshahar.

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