There was a meeting of thousands of secular people in Lucknow, in which the message of unity was given. Do you know Sevai distributed or temple offerings ?

By tomorrow, the city of Tahajib and Adab declared by the name of Lucknow suddenly came and became the center of controversy. Those Lakshman Bhai’s are the symbol of the biggest sacrifice in the world so far, some Laxman is not even going to want to see some people. Although these people consider themselves as a symbol of brotherhood and in the name of brotherhood, many people around the world proudly call themselves as peacemakers and are happy in their own right.. 
 Lucknow, which was formerly known as Laxmanpuri, is now raising a controversy on the proposal to set up Lord Laxman’s idol in front of the mound in the Lucknow area, which is known for his brotherhood slogan In this case religious fanaticism has started to appear and efforts have been made to directly make Hindus and Hindutva directly responsible. Talking of reducing this, a secular party was organized.
This program was organized by the human fraternity, the Awami Movement and the Muslim Welfare Society. The organizers of the program and the groups called the human fraternity did.
In this case, some people have raised the question that why only the sevai was kept in the name of food. The temple offerings could also be held here.
People like Rafat Fatima, Nahid Akeel, Chameli Gautam, Pushpa Singh, Mohammed Nasser, Samaksa, Sayyad Vasi, Nadeem and Sajanjan Yogi in Lucknow, together with “Vaishnoi” program to raise the flag of peace and harmony and sloganeering for secularism, Was organized, In this, many secular Hindus took part in the rally and got frozen. Those joining the Sevai program said that for the Ganga-Jamuni Tahajib, Adab and Profit, there is a Hindu-Muslim noise appearing in the whole of the famous Lucknow.
Keeping the distance from Prasad, this program, which kept Sevai in priority, was organized in Lucknow’s Indira Nagar area, which was named ‘Sabkahee Vaidevi’ program. In this, some secular people of all the religions were involved, and they enjoyed the love of vermicelli with each other.
Not only that, there was a lot of humor and humiliation. Although such incidents were not seen anywhere on the expiry of Kashmiri Hindu.
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