Whom 18 bullets Munna Bajrangi killed, he was alive ..he told that in the 10 bullets who was dead Munna was another person

For decades, the infamous criminal Munna Bajrangi, who was synonymous with the fear of the people, was killed in the same style as the one who used to kill innocent people. Mafia don Munna Bajrangi, who shot 400-400 bullets at a time, was arrested after firebrand Hindutva BJP leader Krishananand Rai, eating 10 tablets in Baghpat jail on Monday. 
For the first time in Uttar Pradesh, Munna Bajrangi, who had openly shot AK-47, had shot 18 people to a Varanasi man, even then that person is alive. These pills were killed by AK-47 Munna Bajrangi was the first such culprit in the hands of AK-47, when the UP police did not see this modern weapon in the 90’s. 
Munna, who executed many heinous acts, was the first AK-47 in Varanasi. Rajendra Trivedi is alive today by eating his 18 bullets. In fact, on April 6, 1997, Munna Bajrangi had killed four people, including the then student wing president Ram Prakash Pandey, former student leader Sunil Rai, Bhanu Mallah of Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, after shooting gunfire from AK 47. All the people were returning after seeing former MLA Satya Prakash Sonkar, who was admitted to BHU Hospital from Maruti car, when the number of five-six people near Narayanas Jain Lodge had rattled nearly 1.55 tablets. 
In this attack Rajendra Trivedi survived alive after having got 18 bullets from AK-47, after long life and death in the hospital. After the death of Munna, the eyewitnesses of this massacre are still remembering the incident and remembering the incident. He says that those people who were killed that day were with them, 
Suddenly the noise of the bullets started to resound. Everyone tried to escape but Munna’s target was all of us. Four people died on the spot. Manor was extremely dangerous. Munna’s 18 bullets hit her, but she survived too big. Rajendra Trivedi says that he had become very sad with life. Stay in the shock of an incident that happened for a long time. Still remember that event 
If the news of Munna’s death had been reported, then the incident floated in front of the eyes again. He and his family lived in panic after so long. He explains that Munna had destroyed many houses together. He says that innocent people had murdered. God has punished Munna in that ruthless murder. He said that this was the fate of Munna Bajrangi, who killed innocent people. 
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