Prior to making her a prostitute, the brothers handed over .. The city lifted up with the screams of a woman

Prior to making her a prostitute, the brothers handed over .. The city lifted up with the screams of a woman … Know where is this incident? He loved his affectionate Afroz and said that he is very lucky that he got affection like Afros . She also respected her husband’s brother-in-law and his darves too and was very happy to come into that family.

But perhaps he did not know what is going to happen to him and what is the reality of that family. Then she was what she did not even imagine. Today, the whole city is shouting with his screams and it starts shivering when it comes to that event. The case is from Amroha in Uttar Pradesh. In Dedauli Kotwali area of Amroha, married woman has been accused of pushing the body into the trade of her husband and for gang-rape.

According to marital status, the police gave Tahrir the police, but the police did not report the report. After this, the marital court has registered and on the order of the court, a report has been filed against the husband, including five. According to the report lodged on the order of the court, the marriage has alleged that she used to laugh at her in-laws’ house but she did not know that her husband makes business of business. Married said that his affectionate Afroz wanted to do this abominable job even after he refused to deny.

Marriage is alleged that her husband has done rape with the help of her brothers and said that you have sold Delhi for two lakh rupees, the broker will come. After getting the opportunity, he came to his mother’s side and took the relatives along with the police station to reach the police station. The police gave Tahrir but the police did not register the case, then resorted to the court.

On the court’s order, the prosecution has registered a complaint against husband Afroz and Deor Mehrooz, Sahroj, Imran, Sarfaraz and for doing gang rape and flesh trade. Kotwali in-charge Rishiram Katheria told that the report has been registered, investigations will be done and investigation will be done. The victim says that her husband and children are severely punished. 

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