Sense of spreading the battle of Shambhalal Ragar’s fight

Love is slaughtered by jihadis and jailed in Shambhalal Everyone will be familiar with the name of Shambhalal Ragar.

The same Shambhulal ragger of Rajsamand of Rajasthan who killed love jihadi Afarazul, after which the scandal spread not only in Rajasthan but the whole country.

Shambhulal Ragar made viral on social media by making a video of killing Afarazul. Since then Shambhalal Ragar is locked in Jodhpur jail. Now a news related to Shambhalal Raggar has come to light that has created a sensation. According to the news from media sources, Shambhu Lal Ragar can contest the next Lok Sabha election. According to the news, Shambhalal Ragar can contest from Uttar Pradesh’s Agra seat.

Uttar Pradesh’s local political party Navnirman Sena had approached the accused Shambhalal to contest the elections which he had accepted. Amit Jani, national president of NavNirman Sena, said, “Shambhalal Raggar will contest the Lok Sabha elections from Agra. At present he is locked in Jodhpur jail. “Amit janie said that he has been in contact with Shambhalal for a long time. It would be a pleasure for us if they are ready to contest elections. Amit Jani said that Shambulal Ragar has accepted his offer and he will contest the election.

When asked if a person had to face the accused for committing a heinous crime like killing a person in front of a camera, then he replied that people like Atik Ahmed, Mukhtar Ansari, Raja Bhaiya are even more serious accused but they fought elections Are there. If a person like Shahabuddin can fight, then why not Shambhalal? Unless the defect is proved, it is not a killer. He said that Shambhalal Ragar will contest from Agra and go to the Lok Sabha. 

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