The face of the Hindu organization opponents exposed by the statement of the wife of the inspector Subodh.

In the violence after cow smuggling in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahar, the wife of the bloody inspector of Uttar Pradesh police Subodh has revealed a sensational disclosure. This disclosure of Inspector Subodh’s wife is exposing the face to the Hindu organization opponents who were trying to impose their anti-Hindu agenda on the pretext of Bulandshahr violence. Inspector Subodh Kumar’s wife has said that her husband was running a campaign against cow smuggling , which led to she was receiving bullying threats.

Let the family of police inspector Subodh Kumar Singh meet CM Yogi Adityanath after reaching the Chief Minister’s residence in Lucknow on Thursday. In conversation with CM Yogi, Subodh Kumar Singh’s wife Rajni told him that, after registering a complaint against cow smuggling, they used to receive threatening calls. Rajni told that three accused of cow smuggling were also arrested by the Sana police stationIn a meeting with the Chief Minister Yogi in the media later, in a video circulated in Rajya, Rajni is saying that my husband used to call the police station (Sayana) and I used to go there, the last time I went there, the charges of cow smuggling. Three people were arrested in A senior officer present in the meeting said that the Inspector’s wife told about the threats to the husband from the Chief Minister. It has also said that they used to record threatening calls.

In the meeting, Rajni told that, since his death, his mobile is missing, with which all the recording has gone. He said that the mobile carrying man knew that he had a threatening mobile phone record. They also said that Inspector used to download all the records of Subodh Mobile in the laptop, but for the last one month they were not doing it. This statement of Inspector Subodh’s wife clearly points out that the inspector was on the target of Subodh cow smuggler.

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