The horrific attack of religious fanatics on the members of the Bhim Army

Ravan’s companions who stood in Saharanpur in their own home region Slogan of Dalit Muslim unity blown into the air .. On the behest of religious fanatic Haji Iqbal, the leader of the Bhim Army, who has created caste poison in Hindu society, Chandrasekhar has come out from the jail. As soon as he came out of the jail, Ravana once again raised the slogan of dalit-Muslim unity and pledged to overthrow the BJP.

But the reality of the Dalit-Muslim unity is more than political slogans, its supporters came from Bhima Army’s supporters when religious fanatics attacked the Bhim Army activists. This attack on the Bhima army is in the same Saharanpur, which is the house of Ravana. The potters rushed to the supporters of Ravana and beaten and clearly indicated that the Dalit-Muslim unity for them is just a political slogan, nothing more than that.

According to the news, during Sarsawa police station in Saharanpur, in the village Sargathal, during the procession proceeding against the release of Bhima Army founder Chandrashekhar alias Ravana, on Saturday evening, about half dozen people were injured. The police reached the village at the information and controlled the situation with great difficulty. It is reported that on Saturday evening, the procession was taking out a procession about the release of Ravana in the village Sargathal of Thanakshakra.

When these people started going to the mosque in front of the mosque, people of Muslim society tried to stop them due to the time of namaz, but on not stopped the procession, they attacked the supporters of Bhima army and attacked and killed the Bhim Army. The workers dispersed. Six people were injured in this attack of the frenzy. The locals informed the police and the police reached the spot on the alert after receiving the information and took control of the situation.

Sarsawa police station command Tyagi says that the situation in the village is now normal. In this connection, SP countryman Vidyasagar Mishra says that there was a dispute in the village but now the situation has become normal. 

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