Two years later, She cried and said to the Hindu organizations – “You were right, brother, Shamshad ruined me”Know where is this incident?

He used to say that these Hindu organizations are doing Hindu Muslims in vain and keep spreading hatred in society. In this world, there is nothing Hindu Hindus, etc. and all humans are there. Tilak on the forehead, put saffron in the neck and joined the Hindu organization, started spreading hatred 

According to him, the saffron organization is the enemy of the organization society and must be avoided. Perhaps today’s pseudo-secularism was in their blood. But then came the time when these saffron people lost their lives and their every thing seemed to be proven to be true. Now she screamed and started to say that if I had spoken to you, I would not have seen this day. Please forgive me brother and do something that no other girl has to see this.

The case is linked to the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. According to the news, the youth of the Muslim community, Shamshad changed the religion and name and implicated the Hindu woman in the net and then made a connection with her for two years, by announcing the marriage.

When the young woman got to know the reality, the youth fled the mobile and escaped. The victim came to her house in search of the young man. This act has been executed by a young man in a local area of Karanlalanganj. By changing his name, trapping the other woman’s girl in her love affair, she continued to abuse her for more than two years. A young man resident of Karanlanganj’s Mohalla works in a private company of Lucknow.

A young woman from the Hindu community was also working in the same company. The young man started to engage with the young woman. By talking about getting married, you started to have a physical relationship. This cycle continued for two years. A few days ago, when the young woman got to know the young man’s conversation with the second woman, then she pressurized the marriage and began to insist on showing her home before marriage and meeting the family.

On Sunday late evening, the young woman came to the house of the young man in Karanlanganj with her family members, then her senses got swollen. She was living with her for three years as a life partner, she turned out to be a Muslim community. The woman filed a suit against the youth on Sunday evening by throwing a tehro on the city police checkpoint. But according to the girl’s statement, being in Lucknow, the police advised the young woman to file a report in Lucknow. Chawki incharge Brijanand Singh said that the information given by the girl has been given.

Lucknow police has been informed to help him. The young woman has gone back in Lucknow by referring to lodging the report and the accused is being sought. 

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