If police wanted to wipe out the robbers of Lucknow there … but the fear was that the human rights which are doing investigation in Saharanpur What is the whole incident of Lucknow?

When Uttar Pradesh Police started cracking down on criminals and started the demolition killer, a bigger criminal started begging for Raham and he was vowing not to commit a crime. After that, what happened has happened. If the police do not act on the criminals then the question of the police and if the police impedes the criminals then even the police question it. When the culprits were seeking the begging of the police headquarters and reached the headquarters of the police, then human rights organizations questioned the police encounter and told the police to be the culprit. 
The result was compromised police. What is the result of throwing a fist after giving the gun to the police? The result was seen in the capital, Lucknow, when a bunker, riding a bike on Monday outside the Raj Bhavan, robbed 6.44 lakh rupees from a day-long cash van and killed the guards. If the police wanted the robbers to be encroached then the human rights organization would come back. According to the news, Criminals also shot the cash van driver and custodian. 
According to SSP Kalanidhi Nathani, the scoundrel in the CCTV footage found in Axis Bank is being marked. Some suspects are being questioned in custody. Special Secretary, Cement van guard, Indramohan, Lucknow resident driver Ramsevak and custodian Umesh Chandra, parked near Law House of Brijesh Pathak outside the Raj Bhavan at around 4 pm, from SIPL (Securities India Private Limited) company located in Gomtisnagar. 
Custodian went to deposit Rs 44 lakh in Axis Bank. In the meantime, the white color TVS sports bike biks and reached a bad cash van.He dropped the mirror on the pretext of asking the guard sitting next to the driver and shot him. Gunner died after shooting two shoots . Meanwhile, the custodian deposited the cash and reached the cash van. The driver screamed and ran away with a bag full of 24 lakh rupees. 
Criminal raised a bag full of 6.44 lakh rupees in the cash van in the rear seat and ran the first custodian and then shot the driver. The driver entered the bank in some way carrying a bag full of 24 lakh rupees. 
After that, the scoundrel escaped with a bag of 6.44 lakh rupees from the bike. A pistol and seven cartridge kiosks were found at the site of the incident. A live carcass is also found on the spot. Criminal’s bike number UP 32 GK 7022 has been traced, which is a white colored Apache bike.
 The officers have announced a reward of 50 thousand rupees to the crooks catching. At present the police team is engaged in the attempt of the arrest of robbers. 
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