After getting three divorces from the husband, the father-in-law did not get pregnant then the boy again turned back.

In the name of three divorces and halala, another Muslim woman has already lost her hatred by her father-in-law, but even after this time, this lady is forced to eat every 2 stumble. This shameful case has come to the fore from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh where a Muslim woman becomes a mother after her father’s father-in-law.

The same gentleman who forced the lady for the light, refused to adopt him. Actually, Shaukhar is suspicious that the person who was born from a wife is his father. According to all the media reports, the Muslim woman was married on September 30, 2015, with a transporter living in Sambhal. A few days after the marriage, the woman started harassing her for her dowry. In the meantime, she gave three divorce on the phone to the woman.

Then again, to reconnect, with that father-in-law, he started laughing. After this, the husband was forced to marry again on December 24, 2016, with a father-in-law. The bride of the father-in-law remained all night long.

The father-in-law gave divorce to the woman the next morning in the morning. After this, she started fulfilling the tenure of three months ten days for marriage. But during the time of his stipend, his adolescent forced forcibly relations. She became pregnant. After Eidat, on April 5, 2017, there was a marriage with the first husband.

After this, the real problem of the woman started when her husband came to know that she is pregnant. The victim’s husband brought contraceptive pills to get an abortion. When the woman refused to abortion, the boy beat him. The woman said that ‘My husband had said that this baby would be infamous due to birth.’ Because two people had relations with me at the time of Halala and Idith. In such a situation, who is the eldest of whom is this doubt, remained in the shawl of the poet. The woman alleged that she was not allowed to drink food even after being imprisoned in the house.

The woman says that after the birth of her son, her husband is no longer keeping her together. After this, the lady has met Farhat Naqvi, the president of my rights foundation, and sought justice for herself. 

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