Hindus should be anywhere, they will be our refugees, Muslims should be anywhere, they are only intruder-hot politics after BJP statement statement

Rupa Ganguly said that the partition of the country was done politically based on religion


After the Assam NRC issue, where the opposition parties are attacking the BJP, the BJP has openly fielded against the Bangladeshi intruders. Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party’s powerful leader and Rajya Sabha MP Rupa Ganguly has made a statement about the Hindu-Muslim refugees who came out of the ranks on which politics has been attacking.

Bharatiya Janata Party Rajya Sabha MP Rupa Ganguly has said in a big statement that he said that illegal Bangladeshi Bangladeshi people living in India are intruders and therefore they have to leave Hindustan. This statement of Rupa Ganguly is a reply to Mamta Banerjee, in which she said that even a single Bangladeshi migrant from West Bengal will not return. Rupa Ganguly said that the partition of the country was done politically based on religion, so Pakistan became a Muslim nation

Bangladesh is also a Muslim nation. West Bengal is a part of India and it was for the Hindus returning from Bangladesh. Therefore, Hindu refugees and Muslims from any corner of the country or the world are infiltrators. He said that not only are Hindus in India but refugees, but Buddhists and Jains are refugees who have come to India from different parts of the world.

Rupa Ganguly said that since the independence of India, Bangladesh has infiltrated large number of Bangladeshi Muslims and has started living here illegally. According to Bhuppati MP Rupa Ganguly, all this was done under a plan. is. In this, the Communist Governments had a hand in hand and now Mamata Banerjee wants to maintain the same order.

He said that the CM of the state is concerned only about his vote bank and with this in his mind the threat has arisen in front of the Hindus in West Bengal. Rupa Ganguly said that even today, Muslim intrusion is on a large scale. He said that if Hindus coming from all over the world will not live in India and they will be told 

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