Whose life the Left Party gave to my leftist father, he only humiliated him – Pratap Chatterjee

Suddenly many years of pain came to an end that son who had seen his father giving life one moment to the leftist party.

If that son put all the left-wing leaders in the funeral of his father on such a painful occasion, he would have surely had something in his mind that would have troubled him more than the pain of his father’s death. After the demise of Somnath Chatterjee, after the demise of Bengal’s leftist leader, after the demise of all the leaders, the mobilization of all the Left leaders was given to him by his son Pratap Chatterjee.

Pratap Chatterjee has clearly said that he has no need to shed the fake tears because as long as his leftist father was alive he was expelled from his party for which he dedicated one moment of his life. It is worth noting that Somnath Chatterjee was expelled from CPI some time ago, which gave Chatterjee a lot of shock.

His son Pratap has raised this voice in the last time of his father and has raised a question like that of the Left, which is hardly his answer … by asking such a question in this enraged assembly, all the leftist leaders became helpless and quickly Returned to their destination .. 

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