The daughter of the Indian soldier was picked up by the poor … preparing to give a gift to ISIS .. I have reached here Dada

Family of soldiers sitting on a hunger strike …

Shivpal Singh, a resident of Kannauj who is posted as Subedar in the Indian Army and staying away from home, lives in the service of Bharatmata. But look at the mischief of religious fanatic fanatics .. The daughter of Ankita Singh, who is protecting Hindustan by playing on her life, was kidnapped by the religious leaders and her companions. It is feared that Batki’s daughter Ankita Singh has been sold to ISIS.

The incident is from Kannauj of Uttar Pradesh. On 25th May, Ankita Singh, 19, daughter of Fauji Shivpal Singh, was standing outside her house in her town Saurik, when some people forcibly took them on a truck. No one could find that till now. However, in the report lodged in the case, the main accused, Ghimam Mian, along with truck driver and another was caught by the police. They had accepted the kidnapping of the girl. Even after this, he got bail and easily lost the truck.

But the daughter of the military could not be found. It is the law or the negligence of the guardians of the law that the daughter of the Indian jawan could not be recovered, but the kidnapped kidnappers found it. There can not be any shame for the country that the army of Indian army is doing the protection of this country but its family itself is not safe. Fauji Shivpal Singh, who is saving Bharatmata’s ashes, rescues Hindustan but can not save his daughter.

Army Shivpal Singh, who is still posted on his post, has been kidnapped for more than 70 days, but has not been able to know yet. After this the military’s family sat on hunger strike. As explained by the way, his hunger strike was over the next day, but the question is, when will the recovery of the daughter of the country’s protector and finally, how did Akrata get bail for the kidnapping of the daughter of a soldier? It is also hard to imagine what that military might be going on today.

Sudarshan appeals to Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Kannauj Police and Uttar Pradesh, to rescue the daughter of the country’s protector from the possession of the forces early and protect the military family. To be done 

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