The roots of religion change being uprooted throughout the state

The roots of religion change being uprooted throughout the state… after Jaunpur, now in custody in Azamgarh Converts being done on the pretext of prayer meeting … Against the conversion machines, Uttar Pradesh’s Yogi Adityanath ji’s government is seen in an aggressive turning point. After lifting the feet of Christian converters in Jaunpur, now the Yogi police in Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh has fallen prey to conversionists and two people were arrested and sent to jail while failing their conspiracy.

It is to be known that five people who converted from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh have been arrested. Tell them that the game of change of religion by appearing in the Christian prayer meeting by attracting people to Christianity Used to be. In order to organize a prayer meeting in Baatan village of Roanapar police station area of Azamgarh on Sunday, there was a plan to make a change. The police arrived at the notice before

After taking custody of two prominent people, they came to police station and took custody of the victim. After getting the information, SP Rural has handed over investigation of the matter to the CEO Sabhdi. According to SO Ranapar Girijesh Singh Raghuvanshi, a prayer meeting was held on Sunday at the door of Ramchandra Sahni, a resident of Batan village. In addition to Bathan, more than 50 women and men of the village were gathered in Khairighat, Chilbili, Banwe, Bazar, Gosai, Siddhuli, Belkund etc.

Before accepting Christianity here, prayer was to be done. All the people were preparing for prayer. According to SO, the people who had converted to religion had been presenting these people for a long time and showing all kinds of miracles. These people have given these rupees to them in the name of help so that more and more people come in their misdeeds and join their religion.

On dialing the news on Sunday, the dial 100 police reached the immediate spot. The other people were seen slipping around the police. In the spot, two prominent people were detained and police station went to the police station. SP Rural Narendra Singh told that the entire matter was handed over to the CEO Sabdhi. On the report of the investigation, strong action will be taken against the culprits. 

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