England lift’s the ICC world cup trophy by hitting most number of Fours

England triumphed their first word cup title at the Lord’s on Sunday the match between New Zealand and England has proven that muscle runs out the skills, the match was trilling as both the teams in the regular game as well as in the Super Over have scored same runs, but as England hits the most number of fours so it was declared the winner of the Game, this brings a major issue of conflict that is cricket is cricket is all about hitting sixes and fours, rather than planning and working on the strategy to achieve the target. Many Indian cricketers have been seen criticising this rule of ICC as they suggest both the teams have the equal potential so tittle must have been shared by both the teams rather than one and that to on the basis of hitting fours.

In the match between England and New Zealand, the New Zealand batted first and gave a target of 241 runs to England to which the England successfully made 241 till the 50 overs, then for the first time in history a match of world cup turned into super over to decide their winner, but there also both the teams scored equal runs. But according to the ICC rules the England was declared as the winner as they hit most of the fours than that of new Zealand.

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