Chances of M.S.D to join B.J.P after Retirement

Former Indian skipper as well as Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni can join politics after, retiring from the International Cricket, till now the party which have been most likely to be seen is the B.J.P. Talks with Dhoni have been going on ,since a very long time before and during Lok Sabha elections, the president of B.J.P itself have been personally taking this matter. Former Union Minister and senior B.J.P leader  Sanjay Paswan have said,”Dhoni can join B.J.P and he has been talking about this for along time.” He said,”There is talk on this issue for along time, though decision will be taken only after Dhoni’s retirement.”

During the 2019 world cup M.S.D have showed a fantastic performance and this might could be the last performance of his in the world cup as chances are that Dhoni can announce his retirement in the very coming days, Significantly, Jharkhand has been holding state elections, this year so Dhoni’s retirement and entering into B.J.P can lead the party in a win-win situation in the elections.

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