Islamic militants now target Mozambique … 12 dead bodies..

Islamic terrorists, who were massacring across the world in the name of Islamic religious jihad, have now wreaked havoc in Mozambique, where 12 people died in a terrorist attack. According to the news, this Islamic terrorist attack happened in northern Mozambique. It is reported that after this attack thousands of villagers from neighboring areas are going to neighboring Tanzania. Police sources said this Sunday.

According to media sources, a police source in Cabo Delgado province, on condition of anonymity, said that there was an attack in Nangane district on Friday, where there was no security patrol. The assailants killed 12 people, mostly women and children. “The police said that the attack took place only in a few kilometers away from Tanzania in Chikuaia village of Velha.

Thousands of people are forced to cross the border due to the attack due to security. A local journalist said that the assailants had killed the villagers with sharp weapons or their houses by setting fire on them. Let us tell you that this is the third incident in Cabo Delgado since last month, in which 20 people have been killed. Authorities have detained around 200 suspects in connection with the investigation of the case. Since last year, radical Islamists are active in this area, while in Maputo, the government is promoting oil and gas activities in the province.The world’s worst condemnation of this fierce attack in northern Mozambique has been condemned.