One that was made for many days, a murder plan. Not of anyone else but of her own wife , who was her third lady.

Then went back and slept in deep sleep Know the slaughter done by this executioner Even once on his face the policemen did not see wrinkle.

 He did not show a drop of tears in his eyes, he had grown old but his hunger was still there. Her hunger was of Jism and of money.

In BODY’S hunger he had already done two affair and in the hunger’s appetite, he killed the third Bibi as a planned conspiracy and put the corpse in such a place that he did not have to till the funeral. In the police station Standing shamelessly among the policemen, the name of this hangman is Abdul Hakim, who has been arrested by showing the utmost relativity by the Railway Police of Delhi.

This executioner killed his wife in a very planned manner. According to the Railway Police, according to the Railway Police, Abdul Hakim, who had treacherously lodged in the city, on July 6, his wife Meeshar took the help of Sinbhavali near Hapur in Anand Vihar bus station for treatment of knee After reaching Moradabad passenger with his wife back to Delhi, in a moving train in Ghaziabad as soon as the train stayed in the outer,

He slipped his wife’s throat and was taken to Vivek Vihar Railway Station after being slaughtered in a mortal slipper berth. Because there was no CCTV camera. Unfortunately, there is no one in the bogie at that time. The bogies are completely empty. After placing the corpse on the seat, the accused remains sitting for a while. Then deliberately goes to Vivek Vihar railway station. So that nobody’s eyes get in sight After this the accused Vivek Vihar station descends because he already knows that CCTV camera is not available at this railway station.

Then he goes to the Punjabi garden from the bus. After this, he reaches the best city in his home. It was a long time since he was looking for where CCTV cameras are located and where he is afraid to get caught. This hangman does not trace his location due to this, he keeps his phone closed while carrying out the whole incident. After executing the murder, he comes home and turns his mobile phone on.

Like a well-known actor, his relatives suffer deep sleep by giving information about the loss of their third wife in the sadness. Not only this, the police also suspect that due to this, the executioner, Jundar Shauhri registers the disappearance of his wife on August 7 next day in the Uttam Nagar police station. On the slaughtered night when the train stopped coming to the old Delhi railway yard, the railway staff informed the railway police that there was a corpse in the bogey

While on one side, the railway police had done one night to identify the corpse on one side, and on the other hand, after assuming that he had won his life, the husband started preparing for cash for his wife’s insurance policy, but at the same time, the accused husband It was found that it would take a lot of time to get the amount of insurance till the wife’s body is found.

So the accused himself took the photograph of his wife and reached the old Delhi railway station on July 23 and then as soon as the old Delhi railway police station’s police wife Maasar Jain saw photos of the zodiac in the yard. So far, the police understood the husband as a victim. After that, on July 25, only a post-mortem of Masar Jan is done in the presence of husband in which he did a successful campaign even before the police.

On August 8, as soon as the post mortem report reveals that Maasir Jan has been strangled to death, suspicion ties to the husband. And now the police interrogate the accused’s husband. To mislead the police, the accused accuses Vinod of killing his wife on the name of someone. But when the police questioned strictly, the accused confessed that he had murdered his wife.

According to the police, he had already divorced two wives. The husband, accused of 45 years, was not happy with the third wife too and wanted to divorce him too. Not only this, the accused himself had provided insurance policy of Rs 5 lakh to his wife and even started paying his installment. He told that he did complete conspiracy to get the sum insured. The accused has confessed to his crime in front of the police.