Terror is being carried out before the arrival of Delhi … As it was the al-Qaida who wanted to overthrow Delhi.

Fear of terrorist attack on Independence Day …

The extent to which the Indian army is aggressive against the enemy militants of the country can be estimated from the fact that the terrorists are being brought to the forefront before reaching their destination. According to the news, on Sunday night, the police arrested a terrorist with eight grenades from the bus going from Jammu to New Delhi.

It has been told that this was to be blasted in Delhi on Independence Day. Currently, security agencies are engaged in interrogation. The arrested terrorists are also gathering information about his other colleagues. According to the news, on the basis of a tip-off, a search of a bus going from Jammu to New Delhi was seized by terrorists Irfan Hussain Vani resident Dangarpora (Srinagar). The team of SOG teamed up with the intelligence wing on the basis of firm information, to launch this campaign.

The Intelligence Wing had already informed that Irfan was carrying some weapons from the bus. A sudden police team reached the highway from the green belt area in front of the Convent School in Gandhinagar and stopped the bus. Just checked the luggage of the passengers. During this, a bag was recovered, which Irfan had kept with him. How Irrfan reached Jammu and where he met the grenade, inquiries continued till late night.

According to police sources, Irfan could spot anywhere in the grenade. That could just target travelers too. Intelligence department team and SOG are questioning in the matter what their target was. But it is believed that Al-Qaeda’s terrorist Irfan Hussain’s target was the capital city of Delhi where he wanted to carry out terrorist attacks on Independence Day. It is known that alert has been issued regarding the fear of terrorist attacks in Delhi on Independence Day.