The idea of ​​the Congress candidate- “The election is to win in any situation, even if someone’s head bursts”.

In the light of assembly elections in 5 states, electoral fever has been covered in the country at this time and politicians are making chanting statements to win elections. A video of Congress candidate Sophia has come out from Ramgarh assembly constituency in Alwar, Rajasthan, in which she is telling the Congress party workers that they have to win elections in any case, even if somebody’s head has to be broken.

According to the news, Congress candidate from Ramgarh assembly constituency of Alwar district of Rajasthan, Safiya Khan, told people during the campaign, to win the elections, to adopt ‘subdivisional punishment’ and also to talk about the need to demolish the head. In this video viral on social media, Congress candidate Safia also says that BJP rumors spread. So you have to answer rumors on the social media.

In this video, Congress candidates are telling people that you have to distinguish between the price band, to do anything. Anyone’s head has to be broken, take all the tricks but win the election. This election is not yours of Safia. In the video, Safia is also said to be on the booth till 7 pm. Further, Mrs. Safia said that the work of Bharatiya Janata Party is to spread rumors and to give answers to the rumors spread on their behalf on social media.

In front of Safia, the Bharatiya Janata Party has fielded its local candidate, whose fear was clearly visible in the words of Safia. He told his supporters that BJP candidate is regional so you all have to work a little bit. It is notable that she is the wife of Congress’s national secretary and former MLA of Ramgarh Jubair Khan’s wife. Due to losing the election twice, Jubair’s ticket has been cut and his wife has been nominated.

Jaffer Khan’s ill-fated in alwar … Alcohol put in the private part of the student

The Alwar textile business of the state was struck by the death of Jaffer Khan when he shamed the shame, passing a whole school of cruelty with a school student across the border.

Jaffer Khan, a minor student living in Barodamev area of ​​Alwar, was initially suspended by making a mortgage in the house by accusing him of stealing. After this, the petrol was inserted from the syringe in its private parts. On confirming the allegations, police arrested Jafar Khan, the main accused on Saturday and presented him in the court. The court sent Nirodar, a resident of Jafar son Imarat Khan, to jail.

Barodaamov caretaker police station police officer Tej Singh said that the father of a minor student filed a report on October 2 that his 15-year-old son was brought from the village by buying clothes from Jafar Khan’s shop in Barodaamov. When she did not like the clothes, she came back to the shop to change. During this, shop owner Jafar Son Imtat Khan beat him with accusations of stealing 500 rupees from the street. After this the students took the bike to the village and took it to Imladi.

Here, Barkat kept the student hostage in his house. In addition, the three accused beat up the student by hanging upside down, and then put petrol in the private part of the syringe. Police said that in the investigation, the Jafar has been arrested on the case against the accused. His partner, Asam Khan and Barkat Khan are absconding. The student reads in 9th.

“No matter how terrifying me, but in my eyes, no less than Bhagat Singh who killed the cow slayer”

Gautaskar Rakbar Khan was killed in Alwar in Rajasthan .

“No matter how terrifying me, but in my eyes, no less than Bhagat Singh who killed the cow slayer” … who is this? Gautaskar Rakbar Khan was killed in Alwar in Rajasthan … Gautaskar Rakbar Khan massacre of Alwar in Rajasthan came to the headlines at that time when compared with the martyr Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev compared to the murderers made in the murder of Rakbir Khan. It is said that those people who are locked in Alwar’s jail in connection with the killing of cow slaughter racket are our heroes,

For us, he is today Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. Now you will definitely want to know that after all, who compared Rakbar Khan’s killings to Amar Shahidas? Who is it that Bhagat Singh is telling the murderers of the Rakabar and screaming and saying that no matter what anyone says but I believe that those who are locked in Alwar are our Bhagat Singh? Let us tell you that the charge sheet of Gorakkad Navlikishor Sharma is being investigated in the charge sheet prepared by the police in Rakbar Khan assassination.

Gaurdar Naval Kishore Sharma has accused the police of being implicated by the innocent people. He compared the accused in jail to the martyrs. He has said that if Hindus are not united, then all of them will have to suffer. In the case of the murder of Gotaskar Rakbar in Ramgarh, Chief Witness Naval Mishra compared the three accused who have been killed in the murder of Gotaskar Rakabar with martyrs.

He said that today our three Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru are locked in the jail in Alwar district of Rajasthan and we are witnessing their death. I was right there during the racket. The case is being lodged against me. But I’m not afraid. The Rajasthan government is blocking the people who are doing religious work under the guise of the law and are locking them in jails and the Gothskar is openly open. It is worth mentioning that a Hindu Dharm Sabha was organized in Govindgarh town under the auspices of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal

Women also came along with men in the Dharm Sabha. Women accused the police and the government of entrapping innocent people and talked about the movement for the release of innocent people. All the speakers who attended the meeting raised the issue of the release of closed-door guards in the murder of Gotaskar Rakbar in Ramgarh and the arrest of the remaining 65 accused in Goksidhi case. Many speakers expressed concern about growing love jihad in Alwar district.

People said that there is a donation in Alwar district but besides this love jihad is also spreading fast and if we still do not wake up, then the time to come is going to be very dangerous for all of us. 

The statement of the BJP legislator, echoed in the ears of the suspected cow smuggler massacre … told how the dead rakabar

Legislator Singhal says that nobody was killed by the blood, but he commited suicide having poison

In the recent past, Alwar, BJP legislator Banwari Lal Singhal from Alwar city, has made a statement about the death of suspected Gautr Rakbar Khan in Alwar, which has once again been politically motivated. Legislator Singhal says that nobody was killed by the blood, but he commited suicide having poison

MLA Banwari Lal Singhal said that Rakabar was a go-goer and when he was caught, he feared to open his own pole. Because of which he ate poison. The BJP MLA further said that there is no evidence to beat the police in the racket so there is no allegation of torture and negligence on the police. The racket was completely brought to the police station in Hosho-Hav, where his condition worsened. The police should wait and wait for any kind of investigation and action before the Visra report.

BJP legislator Singhal from Alwar city said that he believes that those who are involved in such crimes do not get busted, so they end up themselves. It seems completely that the rabbit has eaten poison because the foam was coming out from his mouth. The MLA said that after drinking milk, milk will be milk and water will be water.

While confronting the action taken by the Rajasthan government in this case, Singhal said that before the investigation, the police were punished in a hurry and three go -ons were jailed. The District Magistrate Lal Singhal said that the cow protector He has been arrested, meeting his family, he will be given all possible help.

While lobbying the police, MLA Singhal said that the police never beat them publicly. Therefore no action should be taken against the policemen. These people (policemen) put their lives in jeopardy with cow smuggler, so the police should not be targeted but should praise the police who protect us by playing on their own lives. 

Lynching the horrific mob in Rajasthan again. The fierce sloganeering of the Dalit youth who loved the Muslim girl, surrounded by a crowd of religious fanatics, killed in Talibani style.

Barmer is a madman Being hunted, this world is called goodbye.

Lynching the horrific mob in Rajasthan again. The fierce sloganeering of the Dalit youth who loved the Muslim girl, surrounded by a crowd of religious fanatics, killed in Talibani style. 
At the moment, in this case, the secular is silent
In Rajasthan, the real nature of the rivalry of the crowd has now been seen when a crowd of frenzied slogans killed a dalit boy only because he had fallen in love with his goddess. Now Barmer is a madman Being hunted, this world is called goodbye. All the contractors of the Dalit votes and the Dalit interest seekers are following the rules of self-declared secularism sitting deep silently on this issue. 
After such a case has emerged, the statement of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has come to the notice that those who take the law will not be spared in any situation. It is known that this time the only fault of the 22-year-old Dalit youth was enough. That he was sitting in the heart of a Muslim woman. According to the report, Dalit youth was allegedly running a love affair with a Muslim woman. This thing has not come to the congestion and it has been beaten and taken for life. The incident is of Friday night. 
According to Barmer’s DSP Surinder Kumar, ‘The youth was seriously injured, which led to his death. In this case, two accused have been arrested so far and further investigations are on. It is noteworthy that there was a scurry in Parliament on the road to mob lingering. Despite this, only such a stand-alone approach on such incidents is on the rise. In this case, the silence of the self-proclaimed Human Rights Commission with the so-called secular society indicates that some or the other category of prejudice is being victimized. 

Akbar Khan was not the businessman of milk … then why was there two cows with him and why did he choose the night to take him?

In the incident of Alwar in Rajasthan, there are many such questions that will be searched for answers.

An incident in Rajasthan where Akbar, who was accompanying the cow, went to the crowd and finally he was killed. This incident has once again started attacking and shouting all over India. After Rajnath Singh’s statement in Parliament yesterday, the way the opposition attacked him, he has got sanjivani from this incident and he has started speaking indiscriminately on this issue. 
Once again, the guards of the guards have been targeted and this excuse is being targeted on the government .. But if it is seen deeply, then on the last target, it is Hindutva which has been taken to the target … once again. It is known that in the Akhilak case of Parbhum Khan and Dadari, the lie spread over the truth was later revealed, but by then till then religion had been disturbed by unrighteousness and truth has been disturbed by the untrue 
It was the same mentality that Sadhvi Pragya Thakur used to say saffron terrorists for 7 years and when she was acquitted by the court, the line was opened for her first interview. But even in that interview, there was no apology for the propaganda done against him by himself, nor any hesitation to feel the pain suffered by him for 7 years .. Once again, Alwar in the discussion is in the discussion.
It is being told that in the Ramgarh village of Alwar district of Rajasthan, once again a case of mobs lining has surfaced. The villagers here beat up a man and killed him on the suspicion of smuggling. The eyewitness to this case is a person named Aslam who is telling Akbar to be himself with him at that time. According to him, it happened when Akbar and he were walking along the pedestrian cows, suddenly some people surrounded them and started banging them. According to Aslam, he ran away from the crowd in some way but Akbar was killed by the crowd. 
Some questions arise in this case, which will have to find answers. Aslam has not yet told that for what purpose he and his companion were taking Akbar cows, and if any object was told, then what was proved on the basis of the facts? The biggest question being raised is that in both domestic and domestic jobs of Aslam and Akbar, there was no business of milk in any way. 
So the question arises that both the cow was being taken for the purpose of milk or for any other purpose? Although it is not right to support any kind of violence, it is not appropriate to break the law by any of the two parties. It is to be known that the killing of cow slaughter in Rajasthan is legally prohibited.
If there was a parent, then no evidence of these two schools of cow’s milk milk had come to the media so far. With this, if they were taking the Gau Dynasty for their personal care, then why did they need to take it in the darkness of the night, they could take it even in the day .. Apart from this, the place where this incident happened From that place, the personal house of these two are being told far enough, even after this, the meaning of taking the Gau Dynasty on foot is that it is possible that these Gauhs were taking away somewhere other than the house.
Surely the killing of a person can not be justified in any form, but the attack on faith is also not appropriate. Kiss does not remember that event in Denmark where a cartoon was killed in a country and then ambassador to America, and there were violent demonstrations in many places in India, which had a heavy loss. There was a matter of faith in them that no one has ever raised in the court till date. The so-called intellectuals and self-proclaimed secular society have not said these things till now.
It is important for a section to know that the cow places a mother’s place for the Hindu society and not the animal or the food item. In the case of faith, there is no one more tolerant than the Hindu society, who is looking forward to the court’s order even after seeing his admiration in front of his eyes in a tent which has been torn for more than 30 years. In this case, it is necessary to know that why Aslam and Akbar were carrying the cow and with what purpose it is necessary to deal with the culprits. *
* The above thoughts are the author’s independent views ….

Akbar Khan, who was running away from the cows in the darkness of night, asked the crowd if he questioned them then he also got upset with them. And the lost lost crowd, then Akbar Khan died

cand beaten to death in the name of trafficking

Another case has started to get communal colors. Here again the matter has been made, without detailed explanation between the Gauh Rakshaks and the Muslims. Just recently, the crowd in Kashmir had brought a policeman to death while beaten to death but he was not found anywhere in any so-called secular media. 
But today, in the case of Alwar, once again the ruckus was created and the cow and cow guard were brought on the target. However, the noise arising from this ruckus has not been able to take any political advantage till now. It is known that the manner in which the rhetoric of Kashmir’s stone rubbing the rainy crowd and giving a communal color to the crowd of other parts of India Making the atmosphere unobtrusive is making a difference. At present a new case has come from Alwar of Rajasthan. 
It is being told that once again in Rajasthan, a Muslim youth has been beaten and beaten to death in the name of trafficking. According to reports received from local sources, the person killed was Akbar Khan. It is being told that Akbar Khan was running away from somewhere along with two singhs, some people questioned the ban. He suspected that the singers were cut by Akbar Khan, they started abusing him, after which the crowd lost their temper. 
It was clear from his actions that he was taking a bite to bury the cow, which came in the dark of even more suspicions by his ignorance. After this, the crowd started calling him as a go-goer, and according to the sources, he also ran his hands in protest. The name of this village is Lollawandi which falls in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. 
Akbar Khan was originally a resident of Kolgaon in Haryana, from where he is quite infamous for killing Gau, instead of Mewat. After getting information about this incident, police arrived at Ramgarh Police Station and tried to save the youth, but during treatment, suspected cow smuggler succumbed to injuries. Police have assured to take custody of the culprits as soon as possible.