Seven MLAs of Arunachal Pradesh have worn saffron … lotus blooming in northeast

Kesariya color painted in Northeast …

On one hand, many anti-BJP parties including the Congress Party are working on a plan to create a grand alliance to prevent the Vijay Rath running under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi so that in any way the BJP’s victorious chariot could be stopped.
 Even till the other anti-incumbent SP and the BSP have joined hands to stop BJP, BJP President, who is known from the Chanakya surname, has been presenting his diplomacy from time to time, from which he is ready to come to a stage. Looks at the prospects and expectations. 
In the same sequence, the BJP in the beautiful state of Arunachal Pradesh in the Northeast looks very successful on Monday, when seven of the nine MLAs of the People’s Party of Arunachal (People’s Party of Arunachal) joined BJP’s ally National People’s Party. Significantly, the National People’s Party has a stake in the ruling BJP-ruled ruling coalition. 
NPP State President Gicho Kabak gave this information in a press conference at Itanagar after the Assembly Secretariat handed over the names of the legislators. NPP and BJP are partners in the Northeast Democratic Alliance. The government of this coalition is in the state. It has been reported that these MLAs have joined the party instead of joining the BJP directly. 
NPP State President Kabak said that all MLAs have volunteered to come with him. In the 60-member Arunachal assembly, the number of BJP members has now gone up to 48 and NPP has seven. One and two Independent MLAs of Congress are also in the House. The first member of the NPP was not in the House but now with the help of the BJP, PPA has seven legislators. If the total number of BJP is seen then now it has reached 57, as 48 are MLAs of BJP and 7 MLAs joined the NPP by hoisting saffron. 
NPP is the BJP’s natural ally party and with the help of this, these MLAs have gone to the NPP. Apart from this two Independent MLAs have also joined him. The experts say that with the latest developments, the BJP has become an umbrella in the state and in a way the North East is being painted in saffron color.