August 14 – “Banta Singh” sacrifice day Let’s take this great and great name of the holy name which will be hanged for us and for you and immediately stop the misuse of this holy name.

This is the conspiracy, whose mischief was done ..

Every effort was made to prove the false rumor of the shield without any shadows, which was possible. In this sophisticated endeavor, great sacrifice has left behind, who handed over freedom from blood to the countrymen, and on whose sacrifice building today many so-called freedom fighters are roasting the bread of their politics.

Banta Singh Ji, one of the most known and unknown revolutionary heroes, is in the heart of a good person as soon as he learns of death. She does not like to have some food or drink; But there have also been such revolutionaries in the freedom struggle, with the happiness of the date of execution, whose weight began to rise. One such hero was Sardar Banta singh. Banta singh was born in 1890 in village Sagwal (Jalandhar, Punjab)

In 1904-05, during the earthquake in Kangra, Banta singh continued to engage in service with his friends. After completing his studies, he went to America while living in China. There they were contacted by the Gadar Party. They came back to India from their plan. Once a police officer in Lahore’s Anarkali market wanted to search them. Banta singh tried to avoid him; But he did not believe it. Seeing his stubbornness, Banta singh failed to see; Removed the pistol and dropped two bullets in his head. The police officer stack there.

Now Banta singh’s farewell life began. One day he was caught by a key partner, Pyarasinh. The revolutionaries investigated, it was discovered that Jailar Chanda singh was behind them. On April 25, 1915, Banta singh, Bata singh and Jivand Singh threw the jailer at his house with bullets. Similarly, on June 4, 1915, another informer, Ankur Singh, was also taken to Yalamoha. The Gadar Party wanted to provoke the fire of revolution all over the country.

It required large amounts of weapons. Banta singh and his associates made a plan. In those days some terrorists used to walk along with the trains in fear of the revolutionaries. A carriage was passed on the bridge bridge at four o’clock in the morning. At that time his speed was very low. On June 12, 1915 the revolutionaries got into that carriage. As soon as the bridge came, they attacked the security personnel. Fear of sudden attack, they fled the weapons and ran away.

After completing their work, the revolutionary party also escaped. Now the administration’s sleep is gone. They followed the revolutionaries. Banta singh ran away for sixty miles in the jungle. They survived; But their legs were shivering. Tiredness and disease caused the whole body to break down. They arrive home for health benefits; But one of their relatives came to greed. He took them to his house and informed the police. When the police reached there, Banta singh was resting.

He lamented the police team and told the relative, “If I had to capture, I would have given at least one stick in my hand.” I also took Armaan out of my heart. But what could have happened now? As soon as the news of his arrest came, the whole city was up for his philosophy. Seeing the townspeople, he said that my sacrifice would not be in vain. After some time, the English will be seen rolling on your feet. The court heard the slogans of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Bantasinh Jindabad’.

Bantas ingh was arrested on 25th June. They were executed on August 14, 1915 for sedition charges. Their weight increased 4.5 kg in these 50 days in the joy of being sacrificed for the country. Sudarshan News repeatedly praised, praised and congratulated him on the sacrifice day of Pavan Veer Balidani, and repeatedly repeated his resolve to keep his glorious story alive alive, one of which is Banta Singh Ji.