August 27 – Today, in the Tripura, the Hindu saints, who were struggling with missionary conversion, were made to be peacefully Kali Maharaj, ruthlessly killing. Sacrifice day

The fuel that is in this torch is not actually oil but it is the blood of all those known and unknown heroic sacrifices

August 27 – Today, in the Tripura, the Hindu saints, who were struggling with missionary conversion, were made to be peacefully Kali Maharaj, ruthlessly killing. Sacrifice day

In his minds, he used to think of obstructing missionary ..

 The fuel that is in this torch is not actually oil but it is the blood of all those known and unknown heroic sacrifices which are visible to some.Some are not visible but they want to see and there are some who do not want to see. However, it is their misfortune that those who ignore heroism and sacrifices … are one of those most known and unknown sacrifices that are shining the torch of the blood of their blood, Swami Shanti Kali Maharaj Ji Maharaj today is the sacrifice day. This Swami Kali Ji Maharaj was a great Hindu saint, whose struggle was found only from birth.

He wanted to spend his life comfortably by turning his face away, but he refused to accept the dancing of conversations going forward in front of his eyes and pushing the power of the missionary out of his arm to force his powers and Reflects the strength of the mountain of determination. He was born in suburam district of Tripura, northeastern India, after seeing the condition of religion, he left home at a very young age and traveled all over India.

After returning from India tour, returning to Tripura and establishing Shanti Kali Ashram. Here he opened schools, hospitals for the poor people in the Jananas and Tribal areas going away from Hindutva. He helped the poor people so that tribal people were not caught in the clutches of Christian missionaries. Thus, for the Christian missionary, Swamiji had become a barrier to the path. He decided to remove them in some way and for that he also arranged for the killers and made the entire form.

Today, on 27th August 2000, Swamiji was sitting with some of his followers in his ashram. There was a discussion of the propaganda and propaganda of religion etc. There was a sudden invasion of missionary-backed NLFT terrorists on them. Swami ji’s body broke up with bullets and Swami ji got the heroic fight with the huge converting system in his own ashram. Some so-called news medium giving the international form of seat dispute in the train, such silent, Something has happened like it did not happen

In fact, this happened due to their anti-Hindu thinking and some showed their loyalty towards the masters of their own power. Protecting religion, justice and policy has become immortal forever, Lord Shanti Kali Maharaj, today, on 27th August On his sacrifice day, the Sudarshan family repeatedly bowed down, greeted and congratulated, as well as the promise to keep the saga of the immortal sacrifice of immortal sacrifice ahead of time from time to time. Repeats.

yesterday’s Bindas Bol, we had discussed what the scale of a saint is, then the introduction of the life of Swami Shanti Kali Maharaj is the definition of an actual saint who can become the supreme inspiration for all those trying to come on the path of peace. .. Swami Shanti Kali Maharaj Ji is immortal .. 

July 24 – There is a salute on the # sacrifice-day, the Veer Chain Singh, who is shaking the roots of the British, is called as Mangal Pandey of Madhya Pradesh.

Without life without any shield, the life of peace was with the swords.

The publicity does not show the peak of sacrifice. . Some people in India considered their propaganda as the biggest source of their sacrifice, whose drum is being beaten even today. In that drum, an attempt has been made to remove the knife of swords which is the true heritage of our glorious ancestors. 
For the freedom of India, none of the families, parties or special people offered sacrifices. There have been many known-unknown heroes in every corner of the country, who accepted death in the war with the British; Do not accept to retreat or to bow down. Such a sacrificial hero was Rajkumar Kunwar Chansing of Narsinghgarh principality of Madhya Pradesh. Some such heroes whose names were spotted by historians tried to forget everything but they were not successful … 
When the sly British who came in the name of business began to grab small princely states, voices began to sound in many places against them. King’s people used to periodically consider this danger; But the British were more troubled by such kings. He had bought some courtesies in every state, who gave him all the information. 
There was also a vulture sight of the British on Narsinghgarh. He told Kunwar Chainsingh to hand him over to the British; But Chain Singh turned down the proposal. Now the British broke the two masters named Anandrao Bakshi and Roopram Vohra. Once, the Holkar king of Indore convened the meeting of all the small kings. Chainsingh also went in it. This information has been reached by both the treacherous mantras to the British. At the time, General Maindak was appointed political agent on behalf of British rule .He called Chainsingh Sehore Angered, The General Broke wanted that Chain singh should be a family member with pension and the right of the British to have the opium income generated in the state; But they were not prepared for it at any cost. Thus, this first offering was sterilized. A few days later General Maindhak called Chain singh in Sehore Cantonment. This time he praised Chansing and his swords and took a sword from them. 
After this he praised the second sword and wanted to take it too. Chansing understood that the General wants to arrest them by arresting them. They attacked the General, and did not think so. What was then, there was an open battle. The general came from the preparation. The whole soldier was with him; But Kunwar Chainsingh was not even less courageous. They had unwavering faith in the blessings of their sword, God and mother. In this battle of hurricane and hurricane, many British got their wilgut by reaching Yamlok. 
This incident happened on July 24, 1824 in Lothan Bagh, Sehore Cantonment. The discussion of this sacrifice of Chain Singh spread in the house-to-house. Considering them as avatari men, they are still worshiped in the form of village deities. People in deadly diseases come to their tomb in Harbagh of Narasimhgarh and keep a pebble and accept it as a blessing. In this way, Kunwar Chansing sacrificed his name in the history of Indian independence, in his autobiography. 
The symbol of such self respect and Bharat Mata’s lal is today repeatedly commemorating Sudarshan News on the occasion of his sacrifice.Compare Sudarshan’s nation-building campaign to rewrite real history and know its true nature as it is known to all. It is said that Balidani ChaIn Singh Ji had taken a sword in his own hands, not Charkha etc. .. and his Khadag and his shield made history