Kejriwal was running in Delhi-ruled capital Delhi, the business of fake currency. Sharif, who was hit by India’s economy, came forward with the Bangladeshi connection.

Religious fanatics who blast the holy land of Hindustan with bomb blasts have also started to strike the economy of India. Arvind Kejriwal ruled the capital city of Delhi, a gang of fake notes business was busted. The Special Cell of Delhi Police has arrested 4 people who devastated the Indian economy. These smugglers used to bring notes in the country first through Nepal and Bangladesh, after which they were transported to different parts of Delhi and adjoining areas.

The fake notes of 8 lakh 48 thousand rupees have been recovered from the four people arrested by the police. According to the police, all these notes are of 2000 rupees and the printing of fake notes has been done in such a way that it is very difficult to make a difference to the common man. Even the security thread is present in fake notes. According to the police, these modules were supplying fake notes for almost 8 years. Their work stopped because of the ban on the interstate, but in a very short time, the gang prepared a copy of the new note.

After the interrogation of the accused, it has come to light that these modules brought the consignment of fake currency through two routes to Delhi-NCR. The first route came from Bangladesh through Malda, while the other route was brought to Delhi, via Nepal-Bihar. In this case, the special cell team first arrested Sharif on November 21. After interrogation of Sharif, he arrested Farooq, who played the main character in the supply of notes in the NCR. Shariful supplies the notes through the route of Bangladesh.

After this, the police arrested Asif Raj and Mukhtiar Ahmed. Two lakh 48 thousand fake notes have been received from them. They brought fake notes to Delhi via Nepal. In the interrogation of the police, the accused said that in the ratio of 60 and 40 the transaction was done. I.e. used to charge 60 rupees for fake notes of 100 rupees. At the moment the police is searching for other people of this gang.


Rohingyas are the real murderers of the Buddhists… Rohingyas are selling their own daughters for money .. No claim of any Hindu organization or Buddhists

In Myanmar, there is a sensational disclosure of the Rohingya terrorists who murdered Buddhists and Hindus. According to the news, the number of Rohingya refugees has reached about 10 lakhs in Bangladesh and the refugees coming from Myanmar are selling their young women for bonded wages. No Hindu organization has disclosed this to Rohingyas, but the UN has done it. After this disclosure of the United Nations, once again the world has become cautious about the Rohingyas.

The United Nations Immigration Agency (IOM) said that in the uneasy and frustrating of getting some money, the families are sending their daughters to work in an extremely dangerous environment. IOM says that two-thirds of the women and children who are trapped in this bonded labor, are taking advantage of the assistance from the United Nations in the Cox Market. About 10 percent of the girls and women are also victims of sexual harassment.

IOM says that despite the false promises of work and a better life, they do not seem to be very strict. Some victims are not aware of the dangers associated with them or they have become so disturbed by their circumstances that they do not feel anything harsh and are being sold to their daughters to get the money.


Hundreds of Indian girls have been handed over to the Sheikh’s hands by the Mohammed Sadul of Mumbai.

Extremism at its peak Mohammed Saidul’s racket was going on in many countries …

The Mumbai Police had been searching for extremist extremist Mohammad Sedul for a long time but he was not able to clutter the police. Between the continual growing religious extremism in India, Muhammad Sedul had spread the trafficking of human trafficking in India, under which he had sold many Indian girls to the hands of the Sheikh’s Sheikh,

Along with this, he was also trafficking in human trafficking in India. It is revealed that Muhammad Sedul smuggled the Bangladeshi girls too. For a long time, the fundamentalist Mohammed Sedul, who was dusting the eyes of the police, finally came to the clutches of the police and Vasai unit of Palghar crime branch arrested Muhammad Sedul. It has been reported that Muhammad Sedul has brought in hundreds of girls from Bangladesh in the name of getting jobs in the last eight years and has started flowing in the swamps of flesh trade.

And many Indian girls have been sold to Sheikh Sheiks of Arabia. According to the age-wise, Muhammad Sedul, who deals with girls, has three cases in Palghar and two in Mumbai-Pune cases under two petty acts.

Earlier, the police had arrested his seven associates. At present, the police is registering a case under various sections. Police inspector Jitendra Vankoti of Vasai unit of Palghar crime branch told that the arrested accused Mohammed Saidul Muslim Shaikh (38) was absconding for the last eight years.

Vankotti said that Sheikh is a resident of Bangladesh. He used to fetch poor minor girls and women from Bangladesh for the job of getting a job in Mumbai and through the broker he used to sell the body business for business. According to the age of the minor girls, he used to sell between 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh rupees and women for 30 thousand to 40 thousand rupees. After selling, half the amount was used by the hawala to transport the girls and women’s families through the brokers on the India-Bangladesh border.

Earlier, the police had arrested his seven associates. Whereas 8 accused are still absconding. The police is investigating the matter under section 370 A, 376, 328, 341, 323, 504, 506 PETA Act, 4,5. It has been reported that this work was done since last 2010. According to police sources, Sheikh has sold hundreds of women in different states of India for body trade. Most of them are minor girls Sadul Sheikh was living in Dombivli area and was working as a wage laborer in the buildings. Every four months she went to Bangladesh and brought women and women to India.

Sheikh had also made his Indian Aadhaar card and Pan Card through the bogus papers. Vankotti said that there is a possibility of further disclosures from Sadul Sheikh. 

A cricketer who is now banned for 6 months because he tease Cricketer Shoaib Malik’s wife Sania Mirza

This disclosure has been made by Sania Mirza’s Shaheb Shoaib Malik.

One time Indian tennis player and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik’s wife Sania Mirza has revealed a sensational disclosure and this disclosure has been made by Sania Mirza’s Shaheb Shoaib Malik.

Shoaib Malik has said that a cricketer had tampered with his wife Sania Mirza. The cricketer who has tampered with Sania Mirza is Bangladeshi batsman Shabbir Rehman. According to Shoaib Malik’s claim, he was in Dhaka to play in a domestic tournament where Bangladesh’s star batsman Shabbir Rahman had tampered with his wife Sania Mirza. Shoaib Malik has reported that he complained about the official cricket committee of Dhaka Metropolis (CCDM).

According to Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza had come to chew them and Shabbir Rehman did this with them. Tell me Shabbir Rahman is a very controversial cricketer. He has done many things on the field, which has led Shabbir to get punished many times. Recently, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has imposed a 6-month ban on Shabbir Rahman in the matter of threatening fanatics and using abusive language against them on social media. He has not been given a place in the Asia Cup team too.

Now in case of tampered with Sania Mirza, she can also get a life bane. Shabbir Rahman has also made a scuffle with a cricket fan during a tournament. During the Inning Break on the second day of the match of the Rajshahi Divisional National Cricket League, a fan made a noisy look at Shabbir. Shabbir sought permission from the umpire to go out in the middle of the match and he went behind the site screen to beat the fan. This incident happened in front of the reserve umpire, which was also complained to the match referee.

Now that Shabbir Rahman has already been banned for 6 months, there is a possibility that his career will be over after Sania Mirza’s case of flirting is revealed. 

Islamic country, Suvarna, a Hindu woman journalist who was brutally killed in Bangladesh .

The so-called contractor of humanity are silenced.

Islamic country, Suvarna, a Hindu woman journalist who was brutally killed in Bangladesh . The so-called contractor of humanity are silenced. This silence is telling the fact that there is a Hindu who is dying or otherwise arguably so far on this matter the issue would have begun.

The question is being raised whether the boundaries of so-called secularism are bound only by going outside of India, And there is no class of intellectual name in the country. The question is, where are the many people who went to shake the government in the name of honor of a woman.

Be aware that the Islamist country, after repeated assassination of a woman journalist in Bangladesh, extremists have clearly pointed out that there is no place for at least Hindus in Bangladesh. Even before this, a number of Hindu Hindus and minorities were killed by one of the people who raised their voices. Once again in Bangladesh, a Hindu female journalist has been brutally assassinated on Tuesday.

It is being told that the invaders entered the woman’s house and attacked her with sharp sharp weapons and killed her. Around 10 to 12 attackers came riding on a motorcycle. According to the Bangladeshi police, when Nodi opened the door, the attackers hurled him on the floor and struck him with sharp sharpening on him.

According to Bangladeshi media reports after the murder of a child’s mother and 32-year-old Subarna Nodi, Subarna Nodi was working as a correspondent for a private news channel Ananda TV. Artists, activists and journalists are constantly being victim of fundamentalists in Bangladesh. According to Bangladeshi news channel, some people knocked on the door of Nodi’s house and when Nodi opened the door, the attacker broke down on it.

When Nodi was being taken to the hospital in an injured condition, she died on the way. Ndi, 32, was a resident of Pabna in Bangladesh. 

Rohingya’s protest for justice on crackdown anniversary

Myanmar military crackdown that forced them to flee to camps in Bangladesh.

Thousands of Rohingya refugees staged protests for “justice” today on the first anniversary of a Myanmar military crackdown that forced them to flee to camps in Bangladesh.

About 700,000 of the Muslim minority poured across the border after attacks by the Myanmar military and Buddhist groups that the United Nations has likened to ethnic cleansing.

Thousands held peaceful marches and attended rallies chanting “We want justice from the UN.” At the Kutupalong camp, a giant banner proclaimed: “Never Again: Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day. 25 August, 2018.” .

Some wore bandanas emblazoned with the slogan “Save Rohingya” while others waved flags.

Other marches and gatherings were planned across what has become the world’s biggest refugee camp, activists told AFP.

Rohingya militants staged attacks on Myanmar police posts on August 25 last year sparking the crackdown in which an unknown number of Rohingya were killed. Many have arrived in the Bangladesh camps with stories of rape, torture and villages burned to the ground.

Myanmar authorities have insisted their forces only targeted radicals.

They have made an agreement with Bangladesh to take back refugees but no progress has been made on returns and the Rohingya insist they will not go back unless their safety is guaranteed.

Mohammad Hossain, a 40-year-old protester at Kutupalong, said “We are here remember to August 25. We want justice.

“We want them to recognise us as Rohingya. We are very sad because we are not in our native land. Everyone wants justice. We are complaining about this to the world.”

Another protester, Noor Kamal, added: “We faced genocide. Last year, August 25, we faced genocide in Myanmar. We want justice for that.” 

Another Hindu minor kidnapped in Bangladesh, who is accused Mehandi Hasan.

It is said that the so-called secularism ,Once again, secularism has lost its lives outside India’s borders.

It is said that the so-called secularism ,Once again, secularism has lost its lives outside India’s borders. Once again, Silence is the so-called secular people who raise voice for only one class. 
An innocent kidnapping happened which was a Hindu and the abusers of whom the so-called people who fall in danger when speaking against them are the principles of secularism. Just 16 years old, this innocent child was picked up while going to school and after that till now nothing is known. 
This incident of abduction is in Narayanganj Kotwali of Narayanganj district. Even after a long time, a single kidnapper has not been arrested till date. This girl was kidnapped from Chasra Women’s College which falls in Narayanganj. The victim’s family is a resident of village Indrakati, a resident of Post Ruia district, Binasal who pleaded the rate to get his daughter back, but till now no voice in the whole of Bangladesh was raised for them. They do not even know if their daughter is alive or not 
The abduction of this girl took place at two o’clock in the day. After the kidnapping, a message was sent to her family members demanding money. The threat of going to the police was said to be slaughtered but after that till now their daughter is not known anywhere. So far, in this case, Bangladesh’s information officer Abul Kalam has not been able to move forward one step further and threatens the inverse family only.
In this entire case, so far Mehdi Hassan and Bajoo have been lodged against 2 other unknowns who have not yet been arrested by the police. Human rights, intellectuals and so-called stars are still silent on this issue and the victims of the victim’s family It’s bad to cry. Only a few Hindus wanted to raise this issue up to the police officers of Bangladesh but they were forcibly suppressed. 

Is Being Hindu In Bangladesh A Biggest Crime? The Situation Of Chief Justice, Raising this Question To Hindu’s.

The situation of Hindu’s in Bangladesh,showing soon Hindu’s existence will be vanished.

What will happen to the condition of Hindu minority in Bangladesh,when the Hindu chief justice has been detained. It may be noted that in June, a seven-member bench headed by Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha had upheld the decision of the country’s high court.Who canceled 16 amendments,which meant that the country’s parliament no longer had the power to oppose the Supreme Court judges.Sheikh Hasina’s government was completely in shock.This decision of Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha was historic;but this dicision was like a thorn on which the government has detained him in his own country.. Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha has not appeared in front of the media nor has anyone seen him for a long time. When a media house talked to him after a lot of struggle, his voice was shaky, so it was clear that he was afraid of anything, fear of something.While negotiating, he did not cheat the government but he told that he had applied visa to visit the US. The question is whether the Hindus of Bangladesh are at risk because when the Chief Justice of the country can be detained, then this can be judged from what will happen to democracy?

Let me tell you that the 16th Amendment was passed by the Bangladesh Parliament three years ago, through the two-thirds majority of the members “empowering the opposition to oppose the top court judges for incompetence or misconduct”, however, last year High Court of Bangladesh declared the amendment “illegal”.
The High Court said in its judgment, “Parliamentary system is an accident in history to remove judges, although it is prevalent in some countries of the world.” The High Court said that due to the 16th amendment, people will “suffer”.

Here,we are presenting some reports which reveals the fact how the population of H   Is Being Hindu In Bangladesh A Biggest Crime?  

       The Situation Of Chief Justice Raising The Biggest Question To Hindu’s In Bangladeshindu community is decreasing day by day.The media speaking on Rohingya will not show this topic because he looks at this subject with religious glasses, nor will they see a case of internment of the Chief Justice, nor will they see the dwindling population of Hindus, the figure below:-

YEAR                      PERCENTAGE (%)

1901-                          33.00

1911-                         31.50

1921-                        30.60 

1931-                          29.40

1941-                          28.00

1951-                        22.05 

1961-                       18.50 

1974-                       13.50

1981-                       12.13

1991-                       10.51

2001-                        9.20

2011-                        8.96

So these percentages shows the declining situation of Hindu community which is still so complex.In regular basis Hindu’s are being killed there,but all these critical issues are being suppressed and hidden by the Government of Bangladesh.And our media does not want to raise this issue because this will not favour the superiority of secularism.

But we always take stand for the truth and and will always support the fact which have the true facts.