Go back Nitish shout angry relatives at CM!

Finally Chief minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday visited the Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH) in Muzaffarpur where 108 children have died due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) so far. Nitish Kumar along with Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi, visited the state-run Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH), where they met children undergoing treatment.

Kumar faced protests from the relatives of patients when he visited the hospital with protesters raising ‘Nitish go back’ slogans as they alleged that government miserably failed to take any action.

129 children have died in the entire state due to the disease. Out of the 107 victims, 88 died in SKMCH and 19 in the private Kejriwal Hospital.

Earlier, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan also visited the hospital in order to review the ongoing situation, where patients are being treated in large numbers.

Harsh Vardhan while talking to media ensured that the doctors are doing their best to treat the children suffering from the deadly disease.

“Why Farooq Abdullah does not go to  Biharfor Haj” … Manoj Tiwari’s hearty reply to Shriram temple anti Abdullah..

There has been a political scandal in the country about the construction of Shriram Temple in Ayodhya. The RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Shivsena, including all the Hindu organizations are making pressure on the Modi government to create a law for the construction of the shriram temple. Manoj Tiwari, the Lok Sabha MP and Lok Sabha Speaker of the Bharatiya Janata Party, has targeted a statement of former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Farooq Abdullah and the statement of Shriram Temple being the Chief Minister.

Manoj Tiwari has been targeted by Farooq Abdullah, saying that Farooq Abdullah should go to Saudi Arabia but not to Saudi Arabia but to go to Bihar. Tell that before this, Farooq Abdullah had said that Ram is everywhere and then why there is a temple in Ayodhya, the temple can be built anywhere. Taking a dig at Abdullah’s statement, he said that such people are enemies of peace. Manoj Tiwari said that why Farooq Abdullah goes to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj, Allah is everywhere.

Then why do not he go to Bihar’s Mokamah, there is also a very old mosque. Manoj Tiwari said that where Lord Shree Ram is the birthplace of God, the temple will be built there. Explain that Manoj Tiwari also met the VHP leaders. The leaders of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad demanded the government to make a law in Parliament for the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya by giving a memorandum to Manoj Tiwari. After meeting the leaders of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Manoj Tiwari said that the demand of Ram temple is being done by Sat Samaj 1528.

Tiwari said that he will raise the issue of Ram temple from parliament to party’s forum so that there is no further delay in the work. Tiwari claimed that if required, he would also come with a private member bill in Parliament on Ram temple issue.

Shahabuddin, another close aide of Bihar Lalu Yadav, is also serving life sentence.

The former Chief Minister of Bihar, who is serving a jail sentence in the fodder scam and RJD chief Lalu Yadav, has landed in front of another close justice system. Let me tell you that RJD legislator Mohammad Ilyas Hussain was disqualified on Tuesday. They will be disqualified from the court of the CBI in Ranchi on the day of conviction of corruption two months ago. Shahabuddin, another close aide of Bihar Lalu Yadav, is also serving life sentence.

As per the notification issued by the assembly, MLA Hossein is disqualified from the district of Rohtas district on September 27. On the day when he was convicted in the case of the alkali scam, he was sentenced to five years in jail. The event has commenced in the early 1990’s. Hussain was then a road construction minister. After disqualifying them, the number of RJD MLAs has decreased to 80 in the 243-seat assembly. Bihar Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Chaudhary terminated his membership.

The action against them has been made under section 8 of the Representation of People Act, 1951 and the provisions of Article 191 (e) of the Constitution. Let me tell you that Mohammed Iliyas Hussain is considered very close to Lalu Yadav. It is so surprising that Laloo Yadav himself is behind the bars of jail, his close aide Shahabuddin has been serving life imprisonment, so his membership of another nearest assembly has been canceled.

Lalu’s son, who is also a communal talk of Hindutva, filed a divorce petition against his wife for being away from Hindu rites.

Former Bihar Chief Minister Laloo Yadav’s elder son, Tej Pratap Yadav, who had married Aishwarya six months ago, filed a divorce petition in the court. Tej Pratap has accused his wife Aishwarya of being away from Hindu rites. Tej Pratap Yadav is the son of Lalu Prasad Yadav, who is also communal to discuss Hindutva and who had stopped the ratha yatra of BJP’s senior leader Shri Ram Krishna Advani for Sriram and arrested him.

Tej Pratap says that Aishwarya is a modern girl, while I am a normal person. It is impossible to spend life with her Aishwarya. Sharp Pratap said that he is the only representative of the relationship between two political families. He was tolerant for many days, but now he does not tolerate a junky life. He said that such a big decision has taken quite a lot of thinking. After the decision of  Pratapap, there has been turmoil in the Lalu family.

According to the latest update, according to the latest update, according to the latest updates, on May 12, from the marriage of a divorce, details of the ups and downs of his relationship with Aishwarya till the end of September and there have been many types of allegations including mental harassment. Tej Pratap has accused Dew from studying the Aishwarya and imitating Western civilization and said that it is away from Hindu rites. On Aishwarya, Pratapap has also accused of fighting with the brothers. According to the petition, Aishwarya always used to say that Pratapapap was that your younger brother burns with you.

On June 2 said that you have all the bogs here. There was a quarrel between June 9 and June 11. Threw water and thrashed. In July and August also quarreled. It has been said in the petition that Aishwarya also threatens to implicate in court cases. There are some allegations which we can not publish while taking care of women’s respect. For Divorce, applications have been given in three sets of court on behalf of Pragatap. Section 13 (1) (1A) of the first Hindu Marriage Act, which is for divorce.The second application is given under section 14 (1), in which divorce has been sought within one year of marriage. There is also a sufficient basis for divorce.


The patience of the policemen is broken … After the death of a woman soldier in Patna, the subordinates ran their own officers and ran away

Those policemen who started saluting their senior officers’ list till now, were attacking him today, they were beaten and beaten. The policemen who used to stand up on their officers yesterday, were punishing them in the hands of their staff and their senior officers. The incident is from Bihar’s capital, Patna where after the death of a female policeman’s dengue, a large number of policemen came on the road and started furiously accusing the officials of harassing them.

Tell that the policeman Savita Pathak died due to the disease of dengue. After Savita’s death, despite being suffering from dengue, the jawans started a ruckus, accusing them of not releasing them. The soldiers said that the duty was made even in the sick state, due to which Savita succumbed to death. The female jawan was originally from Siwan district. The angry female recruits firstly got the DSP of the police line. Targeted Masalehuddin. All entered their house and started ruckus.

Seeing this line DSP went to his office and tried to convince the soldier. He was still in the office that hundreds of soldiers and recruits were gathered there and started sabotage. Break TV, furniture and glass in the office. When the DSP looked back, the soldiers surrounded him and beat him with a stick. When the line DSP’s bodyguard Umesh and the other three saved him, he also suffered injuries. After this, the angry cops entered the house of Sargent Major Ashish Singh, located in the police line and started fury.

Rural SP Anand Kumar arrived on the spot as soon as news of the fire broke out in the police line. SP villagers were just talking about that new sepoys attacked them too. All of a sudden, hundreds of soldiers broke down on SP and beat them. As such, the SSP went inside the police line. They explained to the women constables. They were asked to give their demands in writing. Then, somewhere, the situation came in two o’clock in the afternoon.


Those who misuse the SC-ST Act began to fall on. The Punishment given to Bihar’s teacher is a big message…

When the Central Government issued an Ordinance reversing the Supreme Court decision on the SCST Act, at that time it was said that this act would not be misused. State governments also gave assurances that action will be taken against those who misuse the Act. Now those who misuse the SCST have started to lose weight. The case is from Bihar, where a teacher has been found to be very costly for making a false case under SC-ST on its Principal.

On getting the complaint wrong in the investigation of the case, the District Education Department has given order to the block planning agency to terminate the teacher’s service. The matter is of middle school Matihani Chodrahi. According to information received from the Education Department, a case was registered in July 2017 under the SC-ST Act on HM in its school by Anita Kumari, a planned teacher in the middle school Matihani in Choudhari block. The first investigation was done at the DSP level

The suit proved to be a fake. But the District Police Captain examined the matter again and again after seeing some defect in it. The SP also found the case to be fake in the investigation. Information of which was also made available to the education department. Here, for the completion of the teacher’s service by the DPO installation, the order has been given to the Block Development Officer of Choudhary.

A teacher of middle school Matihani Choudhary told that the house of Anita Kumari is in the Baghaarai city’s Bagha. Due to which he has to go long distance and go to his school of planning.  As a result, a case was registered by the teacher against the HM under the SC-ST act. Here, a worker of the Education Department said that the teacher was not going to school since the teacher lodged the case .

A worker of the department told that the teacher was not going to school since the case was lodged and repeatedly demanding the deployment of the departmental officer to deploy somewhere in the Begusarai Sadar block. Due to this, the DPO installation ordered BDO to terminate its service after the reason.

Brutal punishment  on speaking Hindi in Hindustan .. The place where charya Chanakya and Mahyodha Chandragupta was hoisted Hindutva flag …

Where ever Mahatma Chanakya and Mahabali warrior Chandragupta waved a great deal of Hindutva, when a student spoke in mother tongue Hindi, then he was taken as the mother of punishment and punishment was also such that humanity would also be shy. The case is from Nalanda district of Bihar, where the principal has shaved the head of the student after speaking Hindi in a Christian school. After this the student stopped going to school. After getting information about the incident, they got the case registered in the police station.

At one time in Nalanda, people from all over the world used to read and teach, nowadays it is auspicious that sentences are punished for speaking in Hindi. The incident case with the student in Khandkapar of Bihar Police Station confirms this. Here is a case of shaving off a student in St. Joseph Academy. According to Sunny Raj, a Navyman student, there is a rule to speak in English only in school. Children do not have to pay fine if they are not paid and if the money is not filled up, the head is shaved.

On Thursday, when the students reached school, they were talking to their friends in Hindi. Seeing this, Principal Babu Tea Thomas became very angry. Instead of giving punishment to the student, she sent her a salon with a school guard and shaved her head. The student who came in from this incident did not attend school the next day. When the family members questioned him after seeing his shaved head and muffled behavior, then this matter came out.

Angry family members have demanded action against the case by lodging a written complaint to SDO Sadar, DEO and other senior officials

Criminal Javed brutually raped 3-year-old child  … all the famous names of Bollywood are intellectuals and silent

what is the thinking that every woman understands as a means of eradicating the hunger’s hunger? After all, what is the thinking that crosses all the limits of poverty in order to fulfill its lust? What kind of thinking is that which is the victim of an ill-gullible mentality, where the mother of your mother’s age is also made, even then there are even innocent young girls?

Are such people worthy of being called human, who cries with a 3 year old child, crush their childhood? The victim was a victim of a three-year-old girl of Purnea in Bihar, who had been raped by a poor girl named Javed Alam. According to the information, on Friday, the victim was playing near her house. Meanwhile, the youth of the village Javed Alam passed away. The girl was seduced and caught up to the house and made her a victim of her lust.

Upon hearing the screaming of the girl, her mother, who was making a meal in the kitchen, ran to the house and the accused saw the young man running away. Until the family could take any legal action, the accused party sat panchayat. It was told that the child’s father has gone abroad for the wages, so there was a lot of pressure from the accused side in the Panchayat. The victim was also offered a grant of Rs 20 thousand but the victim was obstructing the demand for action on the accused. Finally, on Saturday evening, the victim’s family reached Biosi police station.

And disclosed the incident before the police. Even in front of the police, the victim was helpless in pain. He was taken for medical examination. Biosi police station Subhash Baidyanathan said that police team including SI Vijay Kumar and ASI Abdul Mannan have been involved in the raid to catch the accused. SP Vishal Sharma told that police action has been started to arrest the accused. It will be investigated that there was no pressure on the relatives after the late arrival.

The social media had made the place of obscenity against women, especially Rashik.

Rafiq, the well-known leader of the stunning Yadav who had marched on the birth centenary for women’s honor, had made social media the place of obscenity against women. If Rafiq looks at a woman’s photo on Facebook, then obscenity starts spreading.

The matter is from Nalanda of Bihar, where the Rajgir police station arrested RJD leader Rafiq Alam for making obscene comments on Facebook post and tampering with the woman. Police filed a case of rape, indecent remarks and assault on Rafiq Alam and sent them to jail. Rafiq is the city president of RJD from Rajgir. Allegations that Rafiq Alam used to go along with the woman to flirt with a white kurt and flirt with her.

Actually, a young woman from Rajgir constructed a rakhi for her brother who had spoken on the occasion of Rakshabandan and posted that picture on Facebook. After this, RJD leader Rafiq Alam had commented on this photo, which was obscene. Not only this, the accused RJD leader also seduced the victim’s wife. After this incident, the girl lodged a complaint in the local police station. After this, the police arrested Rafiq Alam through the Facebook ID and sent Rafiq into custody and sent him to jail.

The victim said, ‘I used to ring my mouth with a Hindu brother Rakhi and posted his photo on Facebook. On this Rafiq Alam started making a bad comment. When I complained to the police, he threatened not only kill me but also tampered with me. It is being told that the RJD President of Rajgir Nagar, Rafiq Alam, was arrested by the police from Makhdum Kund


The funding of the terrorists was made in India, the mosque …

NIA discloses From time to time, not only are these voices rising, but there is evidence that terrorism is being promoted under the guise of mosque and madarsas. It is said that mosques and madarsas are made for training, they are made for worship but nothing happens that the mosque and the madarsas come under the scope of doubt.

The suspicion is that terrorist organizations have some hands behind some madarsas and mosques. The allegation is that the money belonging to the terror organizations of these terror organizations is being constructed in the construction of madarsas and mosques, and the country is being pushed into a fire of destruction. Why do not they go from there to terrorists like Mannan when he taught around Lesson of Jankir Terror

The allegations of promoting terror from the mosque proved right when National Investigation Agency (NIA) caught a mosque in the country that was made from money from terrorists. This mosque is being constructed in the Palwal district of Haryana. A mosque named Merkaj is being constructed from the terrorist fund in Utahabad village in Palwal of Haryana. To whom the village named Utah, a youth named Utah, has been arrested by a team of Indian Intelligence Agency (NIA). The original residence of the arrested youth is Utwad village of Mewati area of ​​Palwal district.

The accused accused Marakj Masjid comes to Utwad every Friday. NIA officials are interrogating about the amount of crores of rupees in the construction of the mosque. Two other people have been arrested in this case. Who is mounting #Tausif and #AbdulNaeem for whom #NIA has wandered? And yes any of the terror …. According to NIA sources, Salman was arrested from his residence in Delhi.

Salman was brought to the mosque being built in the village, where information about the money was being deposited in the mosque. It is being said that the money coming from abroad has been spent in the construction of the mosque, that money came from the Arab countries, which is a violation of the rules of the government. The NIA has arrested two other people along with Salman and is associated with their Terror Funding and one is also involved in the involvement of Pakistani nationals.