Ranveer Singh turns 34!!

He Entered from Band Bajaa Barat as newcomer in Bollywood industry and created a benchmark through his powerful and energetic performance. The superstar Ranveer Singh turns 34 today, a genuine, kind  person who just breathe to do acting, whether you talk about his roles in padmavat, ram-leela , Gully boy and much more to come, he have actually played as different characters perfectly well. Ranveer singh has proved that through true dedication anyone can achieve his/her dream or the goal they want to. To make his birthday even more special Ranveer posted his look as kapil dev for his upcoming movie 83.

Ranveer is actually the maternal third cousin of actress Sonam Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor ,he dropped his last name Bhavani before entering the Bollywood, you would be surprised to know that ranveer singh rejected 3 big bollywood movies before finalising Band Bajaa Barat, and we can say truly he made a very good choice.he would be playing the role of Kapil dev in his upcoming movie 83 , which is based on 1983 cricket world cup lifted by Indian by defeating west Indies. He is also likely t play as a Mughal prince Dara Shikoh in karan Johar’s directorial comeback Takht, that would be a historical drama. We wish him Happy Birthday!!

Mulayam had said once, “Children did mistake”. Now their party’s SP workers in SP’s party party tampered with candidate.

The strange and embarrassing statement of former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and Samajwadi Party’s patron Mulayam Singh Yadav would be remembered by all in which he had said about the incident of rape, that he is a child, he makes a mistake … then hang him. This statement of Mulayam Singh Yadav was greatly criticized. Now Mulayam has followed the same statement that the workers of Samajwadi Party, who had tampered with the District President of SP in Mulayam’s Birthday Party.

According to the news from media sources, the matter is in Mau district of Uttar Pradesh where the district president of the women’s assembly on Thursday became the victim of the Mancha activists on the Samajwadi Party (SP) District Office. In fact, District President Shobha Srivastava had come to attend the birthday party of former Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav. Let us tell that the birthday celebrations of Mulayam Singh Yadav were being celebrated by officials and workers at SP office.

Meanwhile, the District President of the Mahila Sabha and his associate women activist also reached the office to celebrate the birthday. Where the mood of friendly activists on their own women workers became a loser. The SP workers became so much inclined that they took advantage of the crowd and came to bed with them and started teasing. Terming this move of workers as abhorrent, the District President of the Women’s Assembly protested and started committing a ruckus, then the senior party leaders understood the matter and calm down the issue.Shobha Srivastava said that very difficult women get out of the house. On this behavior, women will not be associated with the party.

There was celebration of Prophet Mohammad’s birthday  .. Then there was an Islamic militant who had become a fidayeen and more than 50 people killed,

Islamic Country: More than 50 people died in a fidayeen attack on the occasion of Eid Milad-un-Nabi, the birthday of Prophet Muhammad of Islam in Kabul, Afghanistan. While more than 80 people were injured. The attack took place on Tuesday in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital. Afghan health ministry spokesman Wahid Mazurah said that more than 80 people were injured in the attack. The condition of 40 in which the situation remains serious. No organization has taken responsibility for this attack immediately.

Kabul police chief spokesman Bashir Mujahid said that the victims of the attack were unfortunately Islamic scholars who had gathered to celebrate the birthday of the prophet Muhammad. Meanwhile, the assailant carried out a suicide attack. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani condemned the attack and described it as “an attack on Islamic values ​​and followers of Prophet Mohammad”. At the same time, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, also condemned the attack and expressed condolences to the victims.

Danish said that a suicide bomber attacked the Muslim followers who had attacked in a program organized in a wedding hall on the birthday of his Prophet Muhammad. In this wedding hall made near the Kabul Airport, he entered the attacking hall directly and got himself blown away. Kabul police spokesman Bashir Mujahid said that hundreds of Islamic scholars and their followers had gathered there and were reading the Koran on the occasion of Eid Milad-al-Nabi.Officials in the emergency service in Kabul said that 30 ambulances have been dispatched to the spot. The condition of 40 of the injured is being described as very serious.0

“You are doing Hindu-Muslim in modern city like its a shame talk , Delhi. Today is Javed’s birthday, I will definitely go …” and she went away But maybe now he will never go ..

Dear friend ! Do not you have any other work than this Hindu-Muslim people? In the modern city of Delhi like the capital of Delhi, in metro city, you people are Hindus and Muslims, you should be ashamed. I believe in Hinduism not humanity. Today my friend is Javed’s birthday, he has called me and will definitely go in, I do not want any knowledge of anybody. ” 
That is what the young woman said when she was told about the conspiracy of love jihad or religious fanatics to those Hindu organizations. But he did not agree and Javed’s birthday went to the party. But then what happened to him there was so frightening that tears were flowing with his eyes and he remembered one thing about the workers of the Hindu organization. In Javed’s Birthday party, Javed himself and his friend Faiyaz had been honored by his welfare, he had been gang-raped. 
The matter is of the Mandawali area of the country’s capital Delhi, where a girl was called home in the name of Birthday and gangraped with him. The victim has filed a nomination report against two youths Javed and Fayaz in this regard. The police have taken action in this matter and arrested the two accused. According to the news, two youths of Mandawali, Javed and Faiyaz are good friends among themselves. 
At the same time in Mandawali, Javed’s friendship came from a girl. The meeting of both of them started happening. According to the victim, one day Javed invited him to his house in the name of Birthday. Javed told him that there will be many people in the party. According to the time the girl reached Javed’s house. When the girl reached there, only Javed and his friend Fayaz were in the house. The girl went to see them both alone. Accordingly, Javed stopped his way forcibly. After this Javed and Fayaz rapped with him. 
After this the victim came to his house like a family and the relatives accompanied the police station and filed a case. The victim told the police that she had threatened Javed and Faiyaz that if she told someone about the rape she would not be right for her. Police filed suit against Tahrir of the girl. A police team went to the hospital with the victim. Where he was made medical After the rape has been confirmed in the Medical, the police immediately arrested Javed and Faiyaz after arresting him. Both were presented in court, from where they were sent to jail. 

Birthdays or auspiciousness are done at midnight, then what are the consequences thereof ? As per the holy scriptures

Celebrate at 12 o’clock in the night or do any goodwill, then be careful … coming in the ill effects of foreign culture, strange customs have started these days. It is 12 o’clock to celebrate and celebrate birthday. But do you know that Indian science holds it wrong? Today we are going to tell you just how big a disadvantage can be by doing this.
Nowadays someone has a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or if there is any other opportunity, cutting the cake at twelve o’clock at night is the latest fashion. People are excited about the fact that the cake is cut at twelve o’clock in the night. It is often seen that people celebrate their birthday at 12 o’clock ie Nishith kaal (phantom period). . Nishith is the time in the night that is usually between 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock in the night.
It is called midnight or half night time. According to science, this time is the time of invisible powers, ghosts and vampires. At this time, this power gets overwhelmingly strong. There are many such powers where we live where we live, but we often adversely affect our lives, which makes our lives go awry and we become directionless. A birthday party often involves the practice of wines and meat.
In such a way, by consuming a cake in the phantom, consuming alcohol and meat, invisible powers decrease in the age and destiny of a person and unfortunately knocks at his door. Except for a few days of the year such as Diwali, 4 Navratri, Janmashtami and Shivratri, Nishith Kala gives auspicious effect by making Mahasishitha Yatra, while at other times gives corrupted influence.
According to the scriptures, the best wishes given at the time of the night give adverse fruits. According to Hindu scriptures, the beginning of the day begins with the sunrise, and at the same time, there is also the ascetic of sages and monks. Therefore, the atmosphere in this art is pure and negativity. In such a way, according to the scriptures, the person should behave only after the sunrise, because at night, the amount of roses and tones of the particles in the atmosphere is high and the congratulations given at that time or the good wishes become unfavorable without being fruitful.